Haft in der DDR

Haft in der DDR

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The Webapp "Imprisonment in the GDR - The Prisoners of the Stasi" provides a tool for researchers, historians and students to explore the various aspects of political persecution and imprisonment in the GDR. It contains the largest collection of data on prisoners of the Stasi of the period from 1963 to the end of the GDR. The database is comprises more than 50.000 files and makes the data accessible to the public for the first time. The user interface is designed to be a simple to use but powerful tool to allow to create complex search queries. It allows the user to formulate custom search queries and explore the archival data in a playful way. The app connects statistical, biographical and geographical data by visualizing the query results on multiple layers. The data explorer is build on top of an interactive map which contextualizes and locates the query result in form of heatmaps. We built the interface with Vue.js 3 and PrimeVUE, the data visualization is based on Mapbox and chart.js. There are 3 apis for the communication with the backend. GraphQL (ProcessGraphQL) for the editorial content and pages, a geojson api for the map sources and the query api for data analysis. Besides a handful of custom modules we also use FieldtypeGeocoder, FieldtypeOembed, PageTableNext, ProcessGraphQL and PageListerPro.

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