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Fitogi is an agronomists' company based in Nea Smirny, Athens Greece. They undertake landscapes constructions and gardens' maintenance. Even though It is a simple one-page website with a backend based on PW 2.4. the site-admin is able to add or deduct extra content/images/galleries to the website. It was primary based on Cream HTML5 theme which then was fully customised by us. The site is going to be further improved.

Latest news

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    In the 510th issue of ProcessWire Weekly we'll check out ProcessWire 3.0.236, introduce a new third party module PageFinder Depth from Robin Sallis, and more. Read on! / 17 February 2024
  • Using date range fields in ProcessWire
    This week we'll take a detailed look at the newest addition to the ProFields set of modules: the Date Range Fieldtype and Inputfield.
    Blog / 24 November 2023
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I just love the easy and intuitive ProcessWire API. ProcessWire rocks!” —Jens Martsch, Web developer