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In the middle of the 19th century bicycles evolved to bicycles with auxiliary combustion engines, then to motor bicycles (Mofas) and to motor pedaler (Mopeds). Mofas and Mopeds were no longer built on the bicycle diamond frame. Their frames have been made from shells of aluminum, magnesium or iron. This new design principal enabled higher loads and even two people could use the vehicle together. On the disadvantage side we have to mention the higher weight. My idea for DENKIDO was to leverage this design principle and use carbon material to keep the weight low. Metal parts are bonded into the structure and all dynamic forces are guided by the bonded metal parts into the carbon structure. The carbon structure should only carry thrust forces and even damages in the carbon material should not lead to material fatigue of the frame. The name DENKIDO arises from the Japanese language. It means electricity. I value the Japanese culture being a high quality culture. We all expect quality in products we buy. DENKIDO carries this approach in its name.

Latest news

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