• Independent Electrical Contractors of New England

    Independent Electrical Contractors of New England


    Solution Innovators / thetuningspoon

    IEC-NE is the region’s premier trade association representing Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island independent electrical and systems contractors. The responsive IEC website features a custom-built membership and event registration system and…

  • Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services

    Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services


    Core Five Creative

    GCB is a comprehensive behavioral healthcare organization dedicated to helping people live productive and fulfilling lives. This responsive site highlights inspirational client journeys and features a streamlined donation form that integrates with…

  • Roger Shapiro Fund for New Music

    Roger Shapiro Fund for New Music



    Established by composer/pianist Dina Koston, who named the fund after her husband, psychiatrist Roger Shapiro, the Roger Shapiro Fund is a new fund for commissioning, performance and recording of New Music.

  • UrbanPromise Arkansas

    UrbanPromise Arkansas


    Andrew Sever

    The mission of UrbanPromise Arkansas is to provide children and youth, through Christ, with the spiritual, academic, and social development necessary to become servant leaders determined to change the world.

  • Wye River Upper School

    Wye River Upper School


    Ryan Cramer (developer) + Catalone Design (designer)

    A non-profit high school in Maryland. Running in ProcessWire 3.0 with ProCache and FormBuilder. Also uses Google’s OAuth2 API for calendar.

  • Bishop Auckland Radio Amateur Club

    Bishop Auckland Radio Amateur Club


    Craig A Rodway

    The website is the online home for a local amateur radio club. It provides information for people new to the hobby or club and helps people get in touch.

  • Smart City Alliance

    Smart City Alliance


    Michael Mitchell

    The Alberta Smart City Alliance is a cross-sector collaboration between community leaders and city builders, forward-thinking governments, corporations, entrepreneurs, and academic innovators.

  • Trivium Art History

    Trivium Art History



    Trivium Art History is platform for telling the violent, sexy stories of the inspiration, motivation, and politics behind human creativity.

  • Precise Research

    Precise Research


    Suspire Media

    Precise is a research study based in England.

  • Ways to Wellness

    Ways to Wellness


    Cloud Data Service

    Ways to Wellness supports people with long term health conditions to have a better quality of life using social prescribing. The site is aimed at patients, health professionals and other interested bodies.

  • Frauenberatung und Notruf Ostholstein

    Frauenberatung und Notruf Ostholstein


    Matthias Mees

    Site for a German non-profit offering help and counceling for women on various issues.

  • Mädchenberatung in Ostholstein

    Mädchenberatung in Ostholstein


    Matthias Mees

    One-pager for a non-profit offering counceling for girls via email in Germany.

  • HEAT International

    HEAT International



    HEAT is an independent consulting firm that operates in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection, for International Environmental Convention Programmes and household and informal sectors in developing countries. Clean…

  • The Chapel

    The Chapel


    Mark Goldsmith

    A responsive website for The Chapel, a multi-campus church located in Buffalo, New York.

  • Let Them LOL

    Let Them LOL


    Mark Goldsmith

    Let Them LOL is a non-profit organization based out of Buffalo, NY that provides clean water to the country of Sierra Leone in Africa. As of October 2014, 75 water wells have been completed, bringing clean water to tens of thousands of people.

  • Connecticut Police Chiefs Association

    Connecticut Police Chiefs Association


    everfreecreative / Solution Innovators

    Website of the Connecticut Police Chiefs Association, built on ProcessWire. Includes a members only login area and chiefs directory.

  • Befriend Inc

    Befriend Inc


    Ivo Franich

    Fully responsive - built with Foundation 5 and PW. Instagram feed banner on front and pulls custom Meetup events in the meet page. Passes data to Mailchimp on sub page form signups from Form builder.

  • Fmgcs




    A site dedicated to fostering/promoting values, traditions and culture of Gujarati/Indian community.

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  • This post covers a few of the bigger updates in ProcessWire 3.0.154+3.0.155. This includes new live replacement of text in core and modules, a new method for creating canonical URLs, and some major upgrades to our input->urlSegment() method! More
    24 April 2020
  • A brief look at what's new in ProcessWire 3.0.154 in this forum post: More
    17 April 2020
  • This week we’ve got a few new and interesting core updates in progress, though none quite ready to release just yet. So rather than releasing version 3.0.154 today, I thought we'd instead take a brief look at what’s coming over the next few weeks… More
    3 April 2020

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    In the 311th issue of ProcessWire Weekly we're going to talk a bit about the latest dev versions of ProcessWire, introduce a couple of new third party modules, and more. Read on!
    Weekly.pw / 25 April 2020
  • ProcessWire 3.0.154 and 3.0.155 core updates
    This post covers a few of the bigger updates in ProcessWire 3.0.154 and 3.0.155 on the dev branch. This includes a new function for live replacement of text in core and modules, a new method for creating canonical URLs, and some major upgrades to our $input->urlSegment() method that I think you’ll like!
    Blog / 24 April 2020
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