• Wye River Upper School

    Wye River Upper School


    Ryan Cramer (developer) + Catalone Design (designer)

    A non-profit high school in Maryland. Running in ProcessWire 3.0 with ProCache and FormBuilder. Also uses Google’s OAuth2 API for calendar.

  • Bishop Auckland Radio Amateur Club

    Bishop Auckland Radio Amateur Club


    Craig A Rodway

    The website is the online home for a local amateur radio club. It provides information for people new to the hobby or club and helps people get in touch.

  • Smart City Alliance

    Smart City Alliance


    Michael Mitchell

    The Alberta Smart City Alliance is a cross-sector collaboration between community leaders and city builders, forward-thinking governments, corporations, entrepreneurs, and academic innovators.

  • Trivium Art History

    Trivium Art History



    Trivium Art History is platform for telling the violent, sexy stories of the inspiration, motivation, and politics behind human creativity.

  • Precise Research

    Precise Research


    Suspire Media

    Precise is a research study based in England.

  • Ways to Wellness

    Ways to Wellness


    Cloud Data Service

    Ways to Wellness supports people with long term health conditions to have a better quality of life using social prescribing. The site is aimed at patients, health professionals and other interested bodies.

  • Frauenberatung und Notruf Ostholstein

    Frauenberatung und Notruf Ostholstein


    Matthias Mees

    Site for a German non-profit offering help and counceling for women on various issues.

  • Mädchenberatung in Ostholstein

    Mädchenberatung in Ostholstein


    Matthias Mees

    One-pager for a non-profit offering counceling for girls via email in Germany.

  • HEAT International

    HEAT International



    HEAT is an independent consulting firm that operates in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection, for International Environmental Convention Programmes and household and informal sectors in developing countries. Clean…

  • The Chapel

    The Chapel


    Mark Goldsmith

    A responsive website for The Chapel, a multi-campus church located in Buffalo, New York.

  • Let Them LOL

    Let Them LOL


    Mark Goldsmith

    Let Them LOL is a non-profit organization based out of Buffalo, NY that provides clean water to the country of Sierra Leone in Africa. As of October 2014, 75 water wells have been completed, bringing clean water to tens of thousands of people.

  • Connecticut Police Chiefs Association

    Connecticut Police Chiefs Association


    everfreecreative / Solution Innovators

    Website of the Connecticut Police Chiefs Association, built on ProcessWire. Includes a members only login area and chiefs directory.

  • Befriend Inc

    Befriend Inc


    Ivo Franich

    Fully responsive - built with Foundation 5 and PW. Instagram feed banner on front and pulls custom Meetup events in the meet page. Passes data to Mailchimp on sub page form signups from Form builder.

  • Fmgcs




    A site dedicated to fostering/promoting values, traditions and culture of Gujarati/Indian community.

  • Group Training Western Australia

    Group Training Western Australia


    Ivo Franich

    Site was built using PW and Foundation 4. Everything butthe slidersarefully editable in the backend

  • Fort McMurray Gujarati Cultural Society

    Fort McMurray Gujarati Cultural Society


    Hasmukh Msitry

    The FMGCS is to foster/promote values, traditions and culture of Gujarati/Indian community in Fort McMurray, AB Canada.

  • Grenzgänger



    Marc Löhe

    Grenzgänger is a responsive, bilingual website about the bachelor and master degree courses in Netherlands-Germany-Studies at the University of Münster, Germany.

  • Nyland Stiftung

    Nyland Stiftung


    Marc Löhe

    The Nyland Stiftun" is a foundation that publishes the works of the German writer Josef Winkler and related contemporary authors.

Twitter updates

  • ProcessWire 3.0.144 and 3.0.145 add improved field template context override settings and include a new Inputfields API, along with numerous other issue fixes, optimizations and improvements to the core. More
    8 November 2019
  • ProcessWire 3.0.144 core updates: Upgraded overrides section in the field editor, a new Inputfields JS API, and more— More
    1 November 2019
  • ProcessWire 3.0.143 core updates — 26 commits and 18 resolved issue reports, plus some other useful improvements and additions. More here: More
    25 October 2019

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  • ProcessWire Weekly #287
    In the 287th issue of ProcessWire Weekly we'll talk a bit about the latest core versions 3.0.144 and 3.0.145, introduce a third party module called Sanitizer EasySlugger, and publish a new #processwireworks poll. Read on!
    Weekly.pw / 9 November 2019
  • ProcessWire 3.0.145 core updates
    ProcessWire 3.0.144 and 3.0.145 add improved field template context override settings and include a new Inputfields API, along with numerous other issue fixes, optimizations and improvements to the core.
    Blog / 8 November 2019
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