• Roger Shapiro Fund for New Music

    Roger Shapiro Fund for New Music



    Established by composer/pianist Dina Koston, who named the fund after her husband, psychiatrist Roger Shapiro, the Roger Shapiro Fund is a new fund for commissioning, performance and recording of New Music.

  • Vortex Music Magazine

    Vortex Music Magazine


    Arthur Parker

    Vortex Music Magazine intends to make the Portland music scene more successful by making it more accessible, providing quality journalism, informative digital tools and phenomenal photography that investigate, document and examine the circulation of…

  • Martina Linn

    Martina Linn


    pan-x, Patrick Pandolfo

    Responsive website for the singer- songwriter, Martina Linn.

  • Green Man Festival

    Green Man Festival


    Alex Capes

    Responsive website for leading UK music & arts festival, Green Man.

  • New Focus Recordings

    New Focus Recordings



    New Focus Recordings is an artist led collective label featuring releases in contemporary music of many stripes, as well as new approaches to older repertoire. The label was founded by guitarist Dan Lippel and composer Peter Gilbert in 2003, with…

  • Louis Karchin, Composer & Conductor

    Louis Karchin, Composer & Conductor



    Site re-design for composer/conductor Louis Karchin. "With career spanning more than three decades, composer LOUIS KARCHIN has amassed a portfolio of over 65 compositions, appeared as conductor with numerous performing ensembles, co-founded new…

  • Quadrophone



    James Podles

    Electronic music tutorials, focused on Ableton Live

  • Tina Dico Fan

    Tina Dico Fan


    Christian Fischer

    German fanpage about the Danish singer/songwriter Tina Dico.

  • Dancing Bear Music

    Dancing Bear Music


    Joss Sanglier

    Responsive website for a music production company that includes and ajax loaded media player. The copy is aimed at professional production companies and takes a simple no-nonsense approach

  • Mira Opalinska

    Mira Opalinska



    Site for the pianist, Mira Opalinska

  • Patch Exchange

    Patch Exchange


    James Podles

    Site that allows electronic music producers and sound designers to upload, share, and download synthesizer patches.

  • Jonathan Dawe, Composer

    Jonathan Dawe, Composer



    The youngest composer to be commissioned by James Levine, Jonathan Dawe has emerged as an exciting and original composer of the 21st century. The website features a variety of media: images, audio and video, as well as news, events, and other…

  • Guitar Conservatory of Northern Westchester

    Guitar Conservatory of Northern Westchester



    The Guitar Conservatory of Northern Westchester is an organization of professional guitarists offering conservatory-class instruction in student's homes or in private studios.

  • Howard Stokar Management

    Howard Stokar Management



    Site for Howard Stokar Management, artist management for many of the world's greatest living composers.

  • Ohm Speakers

    Ohm Speakers



    Custom audiophile speakers for music and home theater.

  • The Kauniainen Chambre Choir - GÖR

    The Kauniainen Chambre Choir - GÖR


    Mikael Siirilä

    A bilingual (Swedish & Finnish) mixed choir that has about 35 singers. The choir was founded in 1974, and it is an independent and self-financed registered association. Design by Nordenswan & Siirilä.

  • Boom Festival

    Boom Festival



    Outstanding site for a festival in Portugal.

  • dream2beats



    Still Moving Design

    dream2beats is dedicated to helping people all over the world, of any age, from any walk of life, achieve their dreams.

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  • Great video by @jlahijani that demonstrates his ProcessWire page builder using ProFields Repeater Matrix, the new Page Autosave + Live Preview module and Uikit 3— youtube.com/watch?v=Rb5kiU…
    13 November 2021
  • More development on page automatic save this week, plus the addition of live preview— More
    12 November 2021
  • ProcessWire 3.0.189 core updates— More
    5 November 2021

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  • ProcessWire Weekly #394
    In the 394th issue of ProcessWire Weekly we'll share the latest ProcessWire news and updates, including some highlights from the support forum, the latest weekly update from Ryan, and more. Read on!
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  • New Repeater and Repeater Matrix features
    This week we have some very useful new additions to both the core Repeater Fieldtype and the ProFields Repeater Matrix Fieldtype. This post covers all the details along with a couple of brief demonstration videos. 
    Blog / 22 October 2021
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