• Doic medicinskteknik

    Doic medicinskteknik



    Website for DOIC, retailer of medical equipment, with a PadLoper shop for logged in customers.

  • Zeit für Ihre Zähne

    Zeit für Ihre Zähne


    BNT.DE Gesellschaft für interaktive Medien, Frankfurt

    Responsive website for dentist. ProcessWire was choosen for the ease of use for editors and the total freedom for front end development (using a custom SusyGrid with grunt/libsass build). FormBuilder for customized contact/appointment form.

  • iCare



    Solution Innovators / thetuningspoon

    iCare operates 9 facilities in the state of Connecticut, providing a range of services including medical, short-term rehabilitation, outpatient rehabilitation, long-term care, behavioral health management, and memory care & support services through…

  • Rugpijnweg.nl




    Dutch authority site on topic of Back Pain (Rugpijn), Sciatica (Ischias) & Natural Bulging Disc Healing (Natuurlijke genezing Hernia).

  • Jin Shin Jyutsu Zentrum

    Jin Shin Jyutsu Zentrum


    Nils Wiere

    Jin Shin Jyutsu is an ancient alternative healing philosophy. Surrounded by beautiful nature, the Jin Shin Jyutsu center not only treats patients, but also offers in-depth courses, workshops and webinars.

  • Nuclear Med

    Nuclear Med


    Fixate Web and Design

    A repsonsive website for a nuclear medicine practice based in Pretoria, South Africa.

  • CareNet Rhode Island

    CareNet Rhode Island


    Solution Innovators, thetuningspoon

    CareNet-RI is a crisis pregnancy center that has been serving the women and men of RI for over 26 years. This responsive redesign features a custom blog and donation page built using FormBuilder and our custom PayPal integration module.

  • Seniorenzentrum Meinersen

    Seniorenzentrum Meinersen


    Jens Weigel

    For the in Meinersen (Lower Saxony, Germany) based retirement home I have designed and developed this responsive Website.

  • Online Homöopathie

    Online Homöopathie



    Website about alternative medicine in german language. Based on processwire driven relations between remedies, symptoms, ...

  • Naturfreibad Legau

    Naturfreibad Legau


    Robert Schwegele

    Homepage of the open-air bath in Legau in southern Germany.

  • Physiotherapy Clinic S.P.O.T.

    Physiotherapy Clinic S.P.O.T.


    frameless Media Solutions

    A site for a clinic with about 20 physiotherapists, trainers and the like. The site makes heavy use of ProcessWires page-fields for linking team members, therapy techniques and indications. It uses Foundation 4 as a frontend framework.

  • Radiologische Allianz (German group of radiological practices)

    Radiologische Allianz (German group of radiological practices)



    Website Relaunch. (Please delete the old entry) To get the best impression of how the website works, see the German version. (The English version is much reduced in size, as English patients in Germany have different demands.) This site demonstrates…

  • Merpati Putih Australia Fitness & Health

    Merpati Putih Australia Fitness & Health



    Merpati Putih Australia the ancient Indonesian Martial Arts school provides fitness & health, inner-power development, traditional martial arts and women's self-defence. This website used by the student for check-in to the class and tracks their…

  • Yvonne Oßwald - Massage & Wellness

    Yvonne Oßwald - Massage & Wellness


    Stephan Schlegel

    Responsive website with nice and pleasant colors. Our "let's try out this ProcessWire thingy" project ;-)

  • Antoine Creek Farms

    Antoine Creek Farms


    Jonathan Lahijani (developer); Durre Design (designer)

    Antoine Creek Farms is a Washington State cannabis producer devoted to raising healthy, happy plants in the most natural way possible.

  • Kurra Hockey ry

    Kurra Hockey ry


    Timo Anttila

    Kurra Hockey ry is a junior hockey club founded in 1975. The club currently has over 300 players / active members. The aim of the club is to offer children and young people the opportunity to practice hockey at both professional and hobby level.

  • Hausarztpraxis Dr. Daniela Kreuzer

    Hausarztpraxis Dr. Daniela Kreuzer



    Site relaunch for the GP Dr. Daniela Kreuzer in Bonn, Germany. This is a large doctor's practice with two locations. Main purpose of the new Website is to attract young patients and qualified staff. Technically nothing very particular here.

  • MeetSpot.pl




    A service that organizes sport events and allow users to join in (either for free or for a fee).

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  • New ProcessWire query expansion search operators can now add automatic word inflections and lemmatisation, enabling you to build even smarter search engines with ProcessWire. More
    3 July 2020
  • ProcessWire 3.0.161 adds support for selector operator stacking, enabling you automatically broaden searches in a single pages.find() call— More
    26 June 2020
  • ProcessWire 3.0.160 adds powerful new text-searching operators, bringing a new level of power to page-finding API calls, especially when it comes to search engine type queries. Post also includes a demo search engine where you can test it all out live— More
    19 June 2020

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    Weekly.pw / 4 July 2020
  • Powerful new text-searching abilities in 3.0.160
    In ProcessWire 3.0.160 we’ve got some major upgrades and additions to our text-search abilities. This brings a whole new level of power to $pages->find() and similar API calls, especially when it comes to search engine type queries.
    Blog / 19 June 2020
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