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  • ProcessWire Weekly Community

    ProcessWire Weekly (external site) is a weekly news site focused on ProcessWire CMF/CMS and related web development. Come here to read about the latest features, modules, sites, and various community projects and events.

  • How to Develop a Processwire Theme Docs

    Introduction to theming via template files, external tutorial at Envato Tuts+. By Ben Byford.

  • ProcessWire vs. WordPress About

    CMSCritic has used both WordPress and ProcessWire to power their website. Read their comparison here. By CMSCritic.

  • ProcessWire User Activity Shop

    The UserActivity module keeps track of what all logged-in users are doing on the website or application. One of the primary goals is to prevent page edit collisions so that one user does not interfere with another’s page edits.

  • How to Create an AJAX Driven Theme for ProcessWire Docs

    In this tutorial we will look at setting up a simple theme in ProcessWire, we’ll investigate delayed output (now the default theme strategy within ProcessWire), and setup our site to request new content using AJAX. Published at Envato Tuts+. By Ben Byford.

  • CMSCritic's ProcessWire Review About

    ProcessWire offers simplicity, power and flexibility in a small package that, with a small learning curve, is quick to pick up and learn. By CMSCritic.

  • ProcessWire Sitemap XML Shop

    Turn-key ProcessWire module for easily configuring and rendering sitemap.xml output.

  • A Beginner’s Introduction to Writing Modules in ProcessWire Docs

    In this tutorial we’re going to learn how to create and install modules, look at their requirements, and explain how to use PW hooks to add functionality to other functions within your site. Published at Envato Tuts+. By Ben Byford.

  • Why I chose ProcessWire over MODX About

    ProcessWire filled that gap in a way I couldn't have dreamed of earlier. Srsly. By MadeMyDay.

  • ProcessWire Request Blocker Shop

    Helps to prevent scanners and bots from consuming too much of the server’s resources by automatically blocking their IPs when specific patterns are detected.

  • Extending the ProcessWire Admin Using Custom Modules Docs

    In this tutorial we’re going to look into extending ProcessWire’s admin using custom modules. With three example modules I will give you small a taste of the power ProcessWire modules have for adding new functionality to the admin. By Ben Byford.

  • Why choose ProcessWire over WordPress? About

    No platform is perfect by all means, and I am pretty sure ProcessWire is not the only one that was built on the idea to make as flexible CMS as possible. But for me it is the first one that really clicked… By Michael Sunarlim

Latest news

  • ProcessWire Weekly #519
    In the 519th issue of ProcessWire Weekly we'll check out a new third party module called RockForms, introduce the latest ProcessWire core updates, and more. Read on! / 20 April 2024
  • ProFields Table Field with Actions support
    This week we have some updates for the ProFields table field (FieldtypeTable). These updates are primarily focused on adding new tools for the editor to facilitate input and management of content in a table field.
    Blog / 12 April 2024
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“To Drupal, or to ProcessWire? The million dollar choice. We decided to make an early switch to PW. And in retrospect, ProcessWire was probably the best decision we made. Thanks are due to ProcessWire and the amazing system and set of modules that are in place.” —Unni Krishnan, Founder of PigtailPundits