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  • ProcessWire FormBuilder v50 updates 2 years ago

    Today a new version of FormBuilder has been released in the FormBuilder support board (our 50th version) and it has a lot of interesting new features, which we'll take a closer look at in this post.

  • Image editing features (continued, 2.5.20) 9 years ago

    Last week we told you a little about the editing features yet to come for image fields. This week those features are now ready to use directly from image fields.

  • New image editing features (2.5.19) 9 years ago

    This week there are a whole bunch of new image editing features available for ProcessWire. We've also got a screencast to demonstrate them for you here.

  • The New ProcessWire 3.x API Reference 8 years ago

    This week we have the beginnings of the ProcessWire 3.x API documentation ready and published. This post goes more in depth about how it's powered and what's left to do.

  • Stripe Payment Processor for FormBuilder 3 years ago

    This week a second new module for processing Stripe payments has been added to FormBuilder. We’ll take a closer look at it in this blog post, plus we’ve got a demo of it here too.

  • A look at FormBuilder v34 5 years ago

    This week we take a look at what’s new in the latest version of ProcessWire FormBuilder, followed by a how-to guide and reference for using hooks to intercept and customize form rendering, processing, validation and more.

  • Introducing a new ProcessWire site profile 7 years ago

    Consistent with the plans of introducing new site profiles this year, we've started work on the new site profile, and have the first version ready this week. This profile contains a blog component and uses the new Uikit 3 front-end framework.

  • ProcessWire 2.6.9 core updates, new ProCache version, and more 8 years ago

    ProcessWire 2.6.9 brings a useful new API method, more control over slashes in URLs, and more. This week we also released a new version of ProCache and this post goes into detail about all that it does.

  • ProcessWire 3.0.62 and more on markup regions 7 years ago

    This post covers what's in ProcessWire 3.0.62 and provides an in-depth look at the final spec of markup regions, how they work, and how to use them.

  • ProcessWire 3.0.172 – Find faster and more efficiently 3 years ago

    This week ProcessWire gained powerful new tools for finding pages and controlling how they are loaded. If you like to maximize performance and efficiency, you’ll like what 3.0.172 brings.

  • ProcessWire 3.0.14 updates file compiler, fields and more 8 years ago

    Getting closer to the ProcessWire 3.x stable release, version 3.0.14 focuses largely on updates and optimizations specific to recent GitHub issue reports. We also have optimizations and in-depth coverage of PW's file compiler, some new options for required fields, along with a review of some best practices when working with fields.

  • ProcessWire 3.0.7 Expands Field Rendering, Page Path History and More 8 years ago

    This week we have another new ProcessWire 3.x version for you that includes several updates and optimizations. We've also greatly expanded upon the field rendering with template files, with lots of info covered in this post.

  • ProcessWire 3.x release and more 7 years ago

    This week we started using our new GitHub organization repository to soft launch version 3.0. ProcessWire 3.0 now appears on packagist as well (installable via Composer). We've got several other updates for you as well!

  • ProcessWire 3.0.16 continues expanding documentation and more 8 years ago

    The ProcessWire 3.x API reference documentation continued to expand this week with major updates and more than 20 new core classes getting comprehensive coverage.

  • ProcessWire core updates (2.6.1) and more 9 years ago

    ProcessWire 2.6.1 brings a page editor that now reminds you to save, and Process modules now support external view files. In addition, we updated the "Hello World" modules for PW 2.6, and put together a mini tutorial on how to create really simple short links.

  • ProcessWire 2.5.2 and more 9 years ago

    ProcessWire 2.5.2 pushed to master. New beginner version of default site profile. New wireRenderFile() and wireIncludeFile() functions. Recent pages in your admin navigation.

  • ProcessWire 3.0.40 core and more 7 years ago

    New master and dev versions released, more coverage of what you can do with the new Functions API, plus a couple useful tips and tricks.

  • ProcessWire core updates, pull requests and more (2.5.25) 9 years ago

    New FileValidator module type, Validation and sanitization of SVG files, Module configuration is now even simpler, Clear page cache by matching pages with custom selector, Planning for ProcessWire 2.6 and more…

  • ProcessWire 2.6 RC1 (2.5.29) and more 9 years ago

    ProcessWire 2.6 RC1 (2.5.29) – your testing help is needed! Plus some further upgrades to WireCache, and a detailed look at using PHP's interactive mode with ProcessWire at the command line.

  • ProcessWire 3.0.58 core updates and more 7 years ago

    This week we have a new core version on the dev branch with several tweaks and PRs. Work also continues on the Uikit admin theme framework, and more.

  • ProcessWire 3.0.76, a new front-end account module and much more 6 years ago

    This week we've got a new core version, a new version of the Uikit 3 admin theme, a new version of ProCache with SCSS and LESS support, plus a brand new module that provides user login, new user registration and a user profile editor, all for the front-end of your site.

  • ProcessWire 2.6.12 core updates, updates to several Pro modules and more 8 years ago

    Continued improvements to AJAX editing in ProcessWire, plus a new Pages > Add New menu and landing page. We also have new versions of all ProFields modules, new version of ListerPro and more.

  • ProcessWire 3.0.59, module updates and more 7 years ago

    The latest core dev branch coming soon to the master branch, plus several Pro module updates and more.

  • ProcessWire 3.0.80, Pro module Q&A, CKEditor 5 and more 6 years ago

    This week we've got a new version of ProcessWire 3.0.80. In this post we also look at how to create a language pack, and answer a lot of common questions about Pro module renewals, upgrades and more. Lastly, we take a brief look at the upcoming CKEditor 5.

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