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Add a wrapper around bodyHTML.


Add email templates to wireMail

How it works?

Create an email template without content. On the spot where you wish to have your content place the tag {bodyHTML}. The markup you've set with $mail->bodyHTML('<p>Markup</p>'); will replace that tag.

Setting the defaults

Go to the module settings and set the path to your email template. Make sure it is an absolute URL. Optionally you could inline all CSS with Emogrifier when you add a CSS file. The CSS file needs to be placed in the same folder, have the same basename as the wrapper and should end with the .css extension.

When using the Emogrifier CSS inliner applying it on the bodyHTML only is the most efficient way. We recommend you to write the inline styles for the wrapper manually.

Overwriting the defaults

The API overwrites the settings set in the module configuration.

$mail = wireMail();
$mail->subject('Mail Subject');

// Overwrite the Absolute URL

// Overwrite the Emogrifier CSS inliner. (0, bodyHTML, wrapper)

$mail->bodyHTML('<p>This paragraph will replace the {bodyHTML} tag in the mail template.</p>');

The added methods

// Disable the wrapper template* (Just send the bodyHTML)

// Disable the Emogrifier inliner

// Apply only on bodyHTML. (optimal when using Emogrifier inliner)

// Apply over the complete HTML.


This module is written by Martijn Geerts and sponsored by Calago.nl.

Install and use modules at your own risk. Always have a site and database backup before installing new modules.

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