Directory of ProcessWire plugin modules

  • Dashboard 1.4.2 by daun
    Configurable dashboard for the admin interface. Includes a set of predefined panel types, but can be easily extended to display any content you want.
    Updated 2022/05/20 — Admin Helpers, Process Modules
  • InputfieldRepeaterMatrixDuplicate 2.0.2 beta by David Karich
    Repeater Matrix Item Duplicator: This module extends the commercial ProcessWire ProModule "RepeaterMatrix" by the function to duplicate repeater items from one page to another page.
    Updated 2022/05/20 — Admin Helpers, Inputfield Modules, Language Modules, Proof of Concept
  • TracyDebugger 4.23.28 by Adrian Jones
    The ultimate debugging and development tool for ProcessWire (
    Updated 2022/05/17 — Development Tools, Logs/Monitoring
  • ProcessPageViewStat 1.1.7 by tcnet
    Page View Statistic for ProcessWire: Logs page views of the CMS.
    Updated 2022/05/17 — Admin Helpers, Logs/Monitoring
  • Norwegian 3.0.200 by snobjorn
    Norwegian (nb-NO): Norwegian (nb-NO) language pack for ProcessWire.
    Updated 2022/05/16 — Language Packs
  • ProcessAdminActions 0.8.12 by Adrian Jones
    Admin Actions: Control panel for running various admin actions
    Updated 2022/05/09 — Admin Helpers, Development Tools
  • TextformatterWrapTable 1.0.0 beta by pmichaelis
    Wrap Table: Wrap a container div around markup tables.
    Updated 2022/05/06 — Textformatter Modules
  • SearchEngine 0.30.6 by Teppo
    SearchEngine is a ProcessWire CMS/CMF module for indexing and searching site contents.
    Updated 2022/05/05 — Markup Generation, Other Modules
  • AccessByQueryString 0.1.7 beta by Robin S
    Grant/deny access to pages according to query string.
    Updated 2022/05/02 — Authentication, Development Tools
  • FieldtypeMeasurement 0.0.16 alpha by MarkE
    Measurement: Field that stores values for: quantity (Temperature, Mass etc.), unit (Celsius, kilogram etc.) and magnitude (in base units and the specified units).
    Updated 2022/04/30 — Fieldtype Modules, Inputfield Modules
  • Twack 2.2.4 by Sebi
    Reusable components for your ProcessWire-templates.
    Updated 2022/04/29 — Development Tools, Markup Generation
  • AppApiFile 1.0.4 by Sebi
    AppApi - File: AppApi-Module that adds a file endpoint
    Updated 2022/04/29 — Development Tools
  • AppApiPage 1.0.1 by Sebi
    AppApi - Page: AppApiPage adds the /page endpoint to the AppApi routes definition. Makes it possible to query pages via the api.
    Updated 2022/04/29 — Development Tools
  • AdminThemeCanvas 0.22 beta by jploch
    A minimal admin theme with optimised page editor UI, based on Uikit 3. Currently this is an early beta. It's not recommended to use it for producton yet.
    Updated 2022/04/26 — Admin Helpers
  • CustomAdminMenus 0.1.4 beta by Robin S
    Adds up to three custom dropdowns to the main admin menu.
    Updated 2022/04/19 — Admin Helpers
  • AdminRestrictBranchSelect 0.4.0 beta by Teppo
    ProcessWire module for adding branch select support for Admin Restrict Branch.
    Updated 2022/04/17 — Admin Helpers
  • Wireframe 0.24.2 by Teppo
    An output framework for ProcessWire.
    Updated 2022/04/12 — Development Tools, Other Modules
  • FieldDescriptionsExtended 1.0.9 beta by macrura
    Create extended field descriptions and have the longer part hidden with toggle.
    Updated 2022/04/07 — Admin Helpers
  • WireMailPHPMailer 1.3.1 beta by Iskender TOTOGLU
    WireMail: PHPMailer: This module extends WireMail base class, integrating the PHPMailer mailing library into ProcessWire.
    Updated 2022/04/04 — Email/WireMail
  • FieldtypePhone 3.1.1 by Adrian Jones
    Phone Fieldtype: Field that stores phone numbers as 4 values for country, area code, number and extension and formats the output based on predefined or custom options.
    Updated 2022/04/01 — Fieldtype Modules, Inputfield Modules
  • TemplateEngineSmarty 2.4.0 by wanze
    This module adds the Smarty template engine to the TemplateEngineFactory
    Updated 2022/03/31 — Development Tools, Markup Generation, Other Modules
  • Duplicator 1.4.21 by flydev
    Duplicate, backup and transfer an entire site from one location to another.
    Updated 2022/03/23 — Admin Helpers, Development Tools, Import/Export, Other Modules
  • WireMailSwiftMailer 0.3.0 beta by Teppo
    WireMail: Swift Mailer: WireMail module providing Swift Mailer integration
    Updated 2022/03/22 — Email/WireMail
  • SelectizeAll 0.1.2 beta by Robin S
    Enables Selectize on all InputfieldSelect and InputfieldAsmSelect fields in the ProcessWire admin.
    Updated 2022/03/19 — Admin Helpers
  • RepeaterEasySort 0.2.1 beta by Robin S
    Adds a compact "easy-sort" mode to Repeater and Repeater Matrix, making those fields easier to sort when there are a large number of items.
    Updated 2022/03/19 — Admin Helpers
  • DebugModeSwitch 1.0.1 by tcnet
    Enables the debug mode to bypass the restriction to install modules.
    Updated 2022/03/16 — Admin Helpers, Proof of Concept
  • ConnectPageFields 0.3.4 beta by Robin S
    Allows the connecting of two related Page fields so that changing one updates the other.
    Updated 2022/03/15 — Admin Helpers
  • AppApi 1.2.3 by Sebi
    Connect your apps to ProcessWire! This module helps you to create api-endpoints, to which an app or an external service can connect to.
    Updated 2022/03/08 — Authentication, Development Tools
  • FieldtypeQRCode 1.0.13 beta by EPRC
    QR Code: Generates a QR Code from the public URL of the page
    Updated 2022/03/03 — Fieldtype Modules, Admin Helpers
  • TextformatterPageImages 2.0.1 by kixe
    Allows you to insert images in a text area by referencing them with tags in the following format [[fieldName,Number,class]]. All Parameters are optional.
    Updated 2022/02/28 — Markup Generation, Textformatter Modules
  • FieldtypeSelectExtOption 2.1.1 by kixe
    Fieldtype Select External Option: Fieldtype which generates the options for a Select Inputfield from any table of any (accessible) database. Define the source table, columns (to pull value…
    Updated 2022/02/26 — Fieldtype Modules, Import/Export
  • IcsGenerator 1.2.0 beta by thausmann
    This module can generate ICS files.
    Updated 2022/02/25 — Other Modules
  • site-simple-blog-multilanguage 1.0.2 by tcnet
    Simple and Multilingual Blog Profile for ProcessWire 3x: This site profile for ProcessWire offers a simple, multilingual and responsive blog which does not require any module. It works exclusively with some template…
    Updated 2022/02/25 — Site Profiles, Proof of Concept
  • Site-Simple-Blog 1.0.3 by tcnet
    Simple Blog Profile for ProcessWire 3x: This site profile for ProcessWire offers a simple and responsive blog which doesn't require any module. It works exclusively based on some template files.
    Updated 2022/02/23 — Site Profiles, Proof of Concept

The modules directory is powered by ProcessWire with the FormBuilder and LoginRegisterPro modules.

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