Directory of ProcessWire plugin modules

  • Duplicator 1.5.2 by flydev
    Duplicate, backup and transfer an entire site from one location to another.
    Updated 2024/04/17 — Admin Helpers, Development Tools
  • TracyDebugger 4.26.17 by Adrian Jones
    The ultimate debugging and development tool for ProcessWire (
    Updated 2024/04/17 — Development Tools, Logs/Monitoring
  • FieldtypePageGrid 2.0.48 by jploch
    PAGEGRID: Commercial page builder module that renders block templates and adds drag and drop functionality in admin.
    Updated 2024/04/16 — Fieldtype Modules, Premium Modules
  • FieldtypePhone 3.1.5 by Adrian Jones
    Phone Fieldtype: Field that stores phone numbers as 4 values for country, area code, number and extension and formats the output based on predefined or custom options.
    Updated 2024/04/16 — Fieldtype Modules, Inputfield Modules
  • TemplateOncePerParent 0.2.0 beta by BitPoet
    Adds an option to each template's family settings to be used once per parent page
    Updated 2024/04/15 — Users and Access
  • ProcessAdminActions 0.9.5 by Adrian Jones
    Admin Actions: Control panel for running various admin actions
    Updated 2024/04/14 — Admin Helpers, Development Tools
  • WireMailBrevo 0.0.2 beta by Timothy de Vos
    WireMail for Brevo: Allows Processwire to send transactional email via Brevo
    Updated 2024/04/12 — Email/WireMail
  • FieldInitialValue 0.1.1 beta by Robin S
    For most field types, allows the definition of an initial value that is automatically set when pages are created.
    Updated 2024/04/12 — Admin Helpers
  • AddImageUrls 0.3.1 beta by Robin S
    Allows images/files to be added to Image/File fields by pasting URLs.
    Updated 2024/04/12 — Admin Helpers
  • SymmetricEncryptedText 0.1.2 alpha by BitPoet
    Symmetric Encryption for Text Fields: Store values of text fields in the database encrypted
    Updated 2024/04/11 — Fieldtype Modules, Proof of Concept
  • ConnectPageFields 0.3.7 beta by Robin S
    Allows the connecting of two related Page fields so that changing one updates the other.
    Updated 2024/04/11 — Admin Helpers
  • TextformatterImgDataUri 0.0.7 beta by BitPoet
    Textformatter Image Data URI: Replace image URLs in HTML body with their encoded data URL to speed up page loads
    Updated 2024/04/10 — Textformatter Modules, Markup Generation
  • TextformatterPageImages 2.0.7 by kixe
    Allows you to insert images in a text area by referencing them with tags in the following format [[fieldName,Number,class]]. All Parameters are optional.
    Updated 2024/04/08 — Markup Generation, Textformatter Modules
  • PageimageSource 1.1.2 by NB Communication
    Extends Pageimage with a srcset property/method plus additional rendering options.
    Updated 2024/04/07 — Markup Generation, Photo/Video/Audio
  • PageMjmlToHtml 1.2.4 beta by EPRC
    MJML to HTML: Allows you to write your Processwire template using MJML and get a converted HTML output using MJML API.
    Updated 2024/04/05 — Email/WireMail, Markup Generation
  • SearchEngine 0.37.0 by Teppo
    SearchEngine is a ProcessWire CMS/CMF module for indexing and searching site contents.
    Updated 2024/04/05 — Markup Generation, Other Modules
  • Tasker 1.1.1 by mtwebit
    Task management for ProcessWire
    Updated 2024/04/05 — Development Tools
  • DataSet 1.0.1 beta by mtwebit
    ProcessWire modules for importing and handling large data sets.
    Updated 2024/04/05 — Import/Export
  • RockFrontend 3.13.1 by bernhard
    Module for easy frontend development
    Updated 2024/04/03 — Development Tools, Markup Generation
  • FrontendForms 2.1.66 by juergen
    Create forms and validate them using the Valitron library.
    Updated 2024/04/03 — Fieldtype Modules
  • BatchChildEditor 1.8.28 beta by Adrian Jones
    Quick batch creation (titles only or CSV import for other fields), editing, sorting, deletion, and CSV export of all children under a given page.
    Updated 2024/04/02 — Admin Helpers, Import/Export
  • ProcessCustomUploadNames 1.3.5 by Adrian Jones
    Custom Upload Names: Automatically rename file (including image) uploads according to a configurable format
    Updated 2024/03/29 — Admin Helpers
  • FieldtypeSelectExtOption 2.1.5 by kixe
    Fieldtype Select External Option: Fieldtype which generates the options for a Select Inputfield from any table of any (accessible) database. Define the source table, columns (to pull value…
    Updated 2024/03/29 — Fieldtype Modules, Import/Export
  • ProcessExportProfile 5.0.1 by Ryan Cramer
    Site Profile Exporter: Enables exporting of ProcessWire site profiles for sharing or distribution with others.
    Updated 2024/03/29 — Process Modules, Import/Export
  • MembersMessaging 0.1.0 by benbyf
    Easily setup a messaging system for your users. Allow your website users to message other users on the site given a user name.
    Updated 2024/03/29 — Premium Modules, Users and Access
  • RockMigrations 4.2.0 by bernhard
    The Ultimate Automation and Deployment-Tool for ProcessWire
    Updated 2024/03/29 — Development Tools, Import/Export
  • ProcessSetupPageName 2.1.5 beta by kixe
    Setup Page Name: Overwrites function setupPageName() in class Pages (core), which is typically called in case of autogeneration of pages. Provides more options for 'Name…
    Updated 2024/03/28 — Admin Helpers, Process Modules
  • FieldtypeColor 1.2.0 by kixe
    Color: Field that stores colors. Many options for Input (HTML5 Inputfield Color, Textfield with changing background, various jQuery/JS ColorPickers, custom…
    Updated 2024/03/28 — Fieldtype Modules, Inputfield Modules
  • WireMailPostmarkApp 0.0.2 beta by NB Communication
    WireMail Postmark API: Extends WireMail to use the Postmark API for sending emails.
    Updated 2024/03/27 — Email/WireMail
  • PrivacyWire 1.1.6 by Joshua
    PrivacyWire Cookie Management and async asset loading: Module for Cookie management and async loading of (external) scripts / assets
    Updated 2024/03/27 — Markup Generation, SEO/Accessibility
  • Fluency 1.0.8 by FireWire
    Fluency Translation: The complete translation enhancement suite for ProcessWire
    Updated 2024/03/24 — Language Modules
  • MarkupMenu 1.2.0 by Teppo
    MarkupMenu is a ProcessWire CMS/CMF module for generating menu markup
    Updated 2024/03/24 — Markup Generation
  • DynamicDescriptionNotes 0.1.10 by Adrian Jones
    Dynamic Description & Notes: Lets you insert PW variables and Hanna codes in Description and Note fields.
    Updated 2024/03/22 — Admin Helpers
  • RockSkinUikit 0.0.5 beta by bernhard
    Helper module to easily skin the Uikit Admin Theme
    Updated 2024/03/20 — Admin Helpers, Development Tools
  • AdminThemeCanvas 0.74 beta by jploch
    A minimal admin theme with optimised page editor UI, based on Uikit 3. Currently this is an early beta. It's not recommended to use it for producton yet.
    Updated 2024/03/14 — Admin Styles/Themes, Admin Helpers
  • PageEditLockFields 0.0.2 beta by Ryan Cramer
    Lock page fields or properties from editing on a page-by-page basis.
    Updated 2024/03/12 — Admin Helpers, Development Tools
  • site-invoices 1.0.0 beta by Ryan Cramer
    Invoice Application Site Profile: A full invoicing application developed in ProcessWire. Enables you to create invoices, record payments to them, email invoices to clients, print invoices, and…
    Updated 2024/03/08 — Site Profiles
  • Twack 2.3.1 by Sebi
    Reusable components for your ProcessWire-templates.
    Updated 2024/03/08 — Development Tools, Markup Generation
  • AdminBar 2.9.2 by Teppo
    Provides easy front-end admin bar for editing page content in ProcessWire.
    Updated 2024/03/08 — Admin Helpers
  • MarkupMetadata 1.2.3 by Fokke
    ProcessWire 3.x markup module for rendering meta tags in HTML document head section.
    Updated 2024/03/07 — Markup Generation, SEO/Accessibility
  • VerifyLinks 0.1.5 beta by Robin S
    Periodically verifies that external links are working and not leading to an error page.
    Updated 2024/03/07 — Admin Helpers, Process Modules
  • Wireframe 0.29.1 by Teppo
    An output framework for ProcessWire.
    Updated 2024/03/06 — Development Tools, Other Modules
  • ProcessMediaLister 0.1.2 beta by Robin S
    Media Lister: Lists images and files from across the site in a sortable and filterable table.
    Updated 2024/03/05 — Admin Helpers, Photo/Video/Audio
  • ProcessChangelog 1.16.2 by Teppo
    Changelog: This module tracks changes, additions, removals etc. of public (as in "not under admin") pages of your site.
    Updated 2024/03/05 — Logs/Monitoring, Process Modules
  • Dashboard 1.5.5 by daun
    Configurable dashboard for the admin interface. Includes a set of predefined panel types, but can be easily extended to display any content you want.
    Updated 2024/02/29 — Admin Helpers, Process Modules
  • TextformatterFileInfo 0.1.6 beta by Robin S
    File Info: Textformatter that adds information about linked files as extra markup, or as data attributes on the link.
    Updated 2024/02/27 — Textformatter Modules
  • ProCacheSync 0.0.5 beta by NB Communication
    Synchronises ProCache clearing across a multi-instance environment.
    Updated 2024/02/26 — Other Modules, Proof of Concept
  • TextformatterVideoMarkup 1.0.2 by NB Communication
    Video markup for YouTube/Vimeo: Render oEmbed data from YouTube/Vimeo URLs.
    Updated 2024/02/23 — Textformatter Modules
  • AutoAvif 0.1.0 beta by Robin S
    Automatically generates AVIF files when image variations are created.
    Updated 2024/02/23 — Photo/Video/Audio
  • TemplateFieldWidths 0.3.2 beta by Robin S
    Quickly set the widths of inputfields in a template.
    Updated 2024/02/18 — Admin Helpers

The modules directory is powered by ProcessWire with the FormBuilder and LoginRegisterPro modules.

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