Directory of ProcessWire plugin modules

  • TableCsvImportExport 2.0.16 by Adrian Jones
    Table CSV Import / Export: Admin and front-end importing and exporting of CSV formatted content for Profields Table fields.
    Updated 2022/01/22 — Admin Helpers, Fieldtype Modules, Import/Export, Inputfield Modules
  • SearchEngine 0.30.5 by Teppo
    SearchEngine is a ProcessWire CMS/CMF module for indexing and searching site contents.
    Updated 2022/01/22 — Markup Generation, Other Modules
  • TracyDebugger 4.23.5 by Adrian Jones
    The ultimate debugging and development tool for ProcessWire (
    Updated 2022/01/22 — Development Tools, Logs/Monitoring
  • Migrations 0.3.2 by lostkobrakai
    ProcessWire Migrations module
    Updated 2022/01/19 — Admin Helpers, Development Tools, Import/Export, Process Modules
  • ListerNativeDateFormat 0.1.2 beta by Robin S
    Allows the date format for "created", "modified" and "published" columns to be set within a Lister.
    Updated 2022/01/19 — Admin Helpers
  • ProcessLoginHistory 1.7.0 by Teppo
    Login History: This module keeps track of login attempts to your site.
    Updated 2022/01/19 — Logs/Monitoring, Process Modules, Users and Access
  • ProcessChangelog 1.14.4 by Teppo
    Changelog: This module tracks changes, additions, removals etc. of public (as in "not under admin") pages of your site.
    Updated 2022/01/18 — Logs/Monitoring, Process Modules
  • ProcessAdminActions 0.8.10 by Adrian Jones
    Admin Actions: Control panel for running various admin actions
    Updated 2022/01/16 — Admin Helpers, Development Tools
  • RockMigrations 0.0.86 beta by bernhard
    Module to handle Migrations inside your Modules easily.
    Updated 2022/01/16 — Development Tools
  • CustomAdminMenus 0.1.3 beta by Robin S
    Adds up to three custom dropdowns to the main admin menu.
    Updated 2022/01/15 — Admin Helpers
  • MarkupSitemap 0.8.2 beta by Mike Rockett
    Sitemap: Renders a sitemap for your ProcessWire powered site. Supports multi-language, multi-site, and image sub-elements. Adapted from MarkupSitemapXML.
    Updated 2022/01/11 — Markup Generation, SEO/Accessibility
  • AdminHelperLinks 1.1.6 beta by Richard Jedlička
    Adds shortcut links to edit fields and template directly from page edit.
    Updated 2022/01/07 — Admin Helpers, Development Tools
  • Snippets 1.5.0 by Teppo
    Adds support for embedding snippets.
    Updated 2021/12/25 — Process Modules, Development Tools
  • AddImageUrls 0.2.6 beta by Robin S
    Allows images/files to be added to Image/File fields by pasting URLs.
    Updated 2021/12/22 — Admin Helpers
  • ProcessExportProfile 4.0.1 by Ryan Cramer
    Site Profile Exporter: Enables exporting of ProcessWire site profiles for sharing or distribution with others.
    Updated 2021/12/22 — Process Modules, Import/Export
  • BreadcrumbDropdowns 0.3.7 beta by Robin S
    Adds dropdown menus of page edit links to the breadcrumbs in Page Edit.
    Updated 2021/12/20 — Admin Helpers
  • ProcessTranslatePage 0.0.7 beta by Robert Weiss
    TranslatePage (via Fluency): Translates all textfields on a page via Fluency
    Updated 2021/12/17 — Language Modules, Admin Helpers
  • SelectOncePerTable 0.2.1 alpha by Robin S
    Adds an option to "select" columns in a ProFields Table field so that each option can only be selected once per table.
    Updated 2021/12/16 — Admin Helpers
  • AutocompleteModuleClassName 0.1.5 beta by Robin S
    Provides autocomplete suggestions for the "Add Module From Directory" field.
    Updated 2021/12/16 — Admin Helpers
  • HannaCodeDialog 0.4.4 beta by Robin S
    Enhances the use of Hanna tags in CKEditor fields, including the dialog-based editing of Hanna tags.
    Updated 2021/12/15 — Admin Helpers
  • PageMjmlToHtml 1.1.2 alpha by monollonom
    MJML to HTML: Allows you to write your Processwire template using MJML and get a converted HTML output using MJML API.
    Updated 2021/12/15 — Email/WireMail, Markup Generation
  • AppApi 1.2.2 by Sebi
    Connect your apps to ProcessWire! This module helps you to create api-endpoints, to which an app or an external service can connect to.
    Updated 2021/12/12 — Authentication, Development Tools
  • RockLESS 1.0.4 beta by bernhard
    Module to parse LESS files via PHP.
    Updated 2021/12/09 — Development Tools
  • InputfieldSelectImages 0.1.4 beta by Robin S
    Select Images: An inputfield that allows the visual selection and sorting of images, intended for use with FieldtypeDynamicOptions.
    Updated 2021/12/07 — Inputfield Modules
  • Norwegian 3.0.190 by snobjorn
    Norwegian (nb-NO): Norwegian (nb-NO) language pack for ProcessWire.
    Updated 2021/12/06 — Language Packs
  • AutoTemplateStubs 0.2.7 beta by Robin S
    Automatically creates stub files for templates when fields or fieldgroups are saved.
    Updated 2021/12/04 — Development Tools
  • FieldtypeQRCode 1.0.10 beta by monollonom
    QR Code: Generates a QR Code from the public URL of the page
    Updated 2021/12/02 — Fieldtype Modules, Admin Helpers
  • Wireframe 0.21.2 by Teppo
    An output framework for ProcessWire.
    Updated 2021/12/01 — Development Tools, Other Modules
  • ImportExternalImages 2.0.12 beta by macrura
    For content pasted in textarea fields, this will import external images to the images field.
    Updated 2021/11/28 — Admin Helpers, Import/Export
  • AnonymizeFields 1.0.1 by Jens Martsch - dotnetic
    Anonymize fields - DSGVO, GDPR: Clears or anonymizes fields with user identifiable data and additionally deletes all files if you selected a file field
    Updated 2021/11/22 — Process Modules, Other Modules
  • Deutsch 3.0.184 by Jens Martsch - dotnetic
    German (de-DE): German (de_DE) language pack for ProcessWire 3.0.184
    Updated 2021/11/20 — Language Packs
  • ConnectPageFields 0.3.3 beta by Robin S
    Allows the connecting of two related Page fields so that changing one updates the other.
    Updated 2021/11/20 — Admin Helpers
  • OneTimeOnlyCode 0.0.1 beta by benbyf
    OneTimeOnlyCode creates one time only codes that can be used to access specific content
    Updated 2021/11/15 — Users and Access, Authentication
  • FieldtypeDynamicOptions 0.1.7 beta by Robin S
    Dynamic Options: A Fieldtype for dynamic options that are generated at runtime via a hook.
    Updated 2021/11/15 — Fieldtype Modules
  • TextformatterFileInfo 0.1.4 beta by Robin S
    File Info: Textformatter that adds information about linked files as extra markup, or as data attributes on the link.
    Updated 2021/11/15 — Textformatter Modules
  • ProcessPageViewStat 1.1.3 by tcnet
    Page View Statistic for ProcessWire: Logs page views of the CMS.
    Updated 2021/11/08 — Admin Helpers, Logs/Monitoring
  • ProcessBlog 2.4.6 by kongondo
    Blog (ProcessBlog & MarkupBlog): A Blog Module for ProcessWire consisting of a backend Blog manager (ProcessBlog) and a frontend Blog generator (MarkupBlog).
    Updated 2021/11/06 — Process Modules, Social, Feeds, Services
  • RockIframe 1.0.3 alpha by bernhard
    Iframe Sidebar for the ProcessWire page edit screen. RockIframe shows a preview of any content that can be rendered in an iframe and keeps the page editor 100%…
    Updated 2021/11/05 — Admin Helpers
  • Twack 2.2.1 by Sebi
    Reusable components for your ProcessWire-templates.
    Updated 2021/10/31 — Development Tools, Markup Generation
  • AppApiFile 1.0.3 by Sebi
    AppApi - File: AppApi-Module that adds a file endpoint
    Updated 2021/10/31 — Development Tools
  • FieldtypeRuntimeOnly 0.1.8 beta by Robin S
    Runtime Only: An inputfield that renders at runtime, with no data saved to the database.
    Updated 2021/10/26 — Admin Helpers, Fieldtype Modules
  • Oauth2Login 1.0.1 by flydev
    OAuth2 login for ProcessWire
    Updated 2021/10/24 — Social, Feeds, Services, Users and Access, Authentication

The modules directory is powered by ProcessWire with the FormBuilder and LoginRegisterPro modules.

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    17 December 2021

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