TextformatterRockDown by bernhard

ProcessWire Textformatter for simple WhatsApp style text formatting (*bold*, _italic_, ~strike~, ```mono```


ProcessWire Textformatter for simple markdown-like text formatting ideal for headlines:


This module does intentionally not support full markdown syntax! It is intended to be used for simple formattings that you usually want to apply to headlines.


The title field is always available in ProcessWire and it is often used for page headlines. But unfortunately when using such a plain textfield it will not be possible to print some words in bold or italic font.

One solution is to create a CKEditor/TinyMCE field, but it's a lot more tedious to setup. Also it's not easy to make it single-line-only.


Just apply this textformatter to your field and you'll get quick and easy headlines with bold and italic fonts that will also work with frontend editing.

Backend Editing:


Frontend Editing:





Just install the module and add TextformatterRockDown to the field you want to apply it to:


Then just output the field's value in your template files as usual:

echo $page->title; // plain
echo $page->edit('title'); // fontend editable

Custom tags

You can add custom replacements easily via hook in /site/ready.php

// @something@ --> <span style="color:red;">something</span>
$wire->addHookAfter("TextformatterRockDown::replace", function ($event) {
  $str = $event->arguments(0);
  $start = $event->arguments(1);
  $end = $event->arguments(2);
  $tag = "@"; // set your tag here
  $str = preg_replace(
    "$1<span style=\"color:red;\">$2</span>$3",
  $event->return = $str;

Install and use modules at your own risk. Always have a site and database backup before installing new modules.

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