TextformatterExternalRedirect by BitPoet

Parses links in textareas and prepends a local redirector URL


ProcessWire TextFormatter for rewriting external links

Allows you to rewrite external links in textarea fields at rendering time, prepending a custom url (implementation of that URL is not subject of this module). Optionally also adds a target='blank' attribute to the links.


ProcessWire 3




  • Download the zip archive of this module and extract it to the site/templates directory of your ProcessWire installation
  • Rename the module folder to TextformatterExternalRedirect
  • Go into the backend and click "Modules" -> "Refresh"
  • Find "External Link Redirect" in the list of new modules and click "Install"
  • Go into the module settings, enter your target link and optionally check the box to open all external links in a new window
  • Configure the textarea fields to use the External Link Redirector textformatter

Config Options

The following options can be configured in the module's configuration settings:

  • Link to prepend (mandatory for module to work)
  • Open in new window (optional): will add target='_blank' to every link
  • CSS class (optional): will append the entered class(es) if a class attribute is already present or add the class attribute if not


This module is released under Mozilla Public Lincense. See LICENSE file for details.

Install and use modules at your own risk. Always have a site and database backup before installing new modules.

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