Renders a "Help" tab on pages with infos for the current used template. The content is loaded from /site/templates/notes/. You can add [tplname].html or [tplname].md files.

Template Notes Module

Adds a "Help" tab to pages for notes and instructions on the current template used.

You can add content by simply putting a file in /site/templates/notes/ the module will automatically load that file if it find one and adds a "Help" tab to pages edit form.

Name the files using the template name. You can use html or markdown to write the help text.

  • /site/templates/notes/[tplname].html
  • /site/templates/notes/[tplname].md

To style the content you can specify a custom css file url you add to the module settings.



  • Fixed issues with PW2.5
  • Fixed top margin on tab content
  • Added example class to TemplateNotes.css to move the Help tab to the right edge

Install and use modules at your own risk. Always have a site and database backup before installing new modules.

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