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RockFrontend Site Profile for ProcessWire - RockFrontend + UIkit (optional) + TailwindCSS (optional)

The RockFrontend + UIkit + TailwindCSS Site Profile for ProcessWire offers a comprehensive solution for developers looking to create responsive, modern web applications with ease and efficiency. Here are the key benefits of using this site profile:

  • RockFrontend: A solid and well-known module, RockFrontend is actively developed and used in many production websites. It provides a suite of asset tools, GDPR tools, and more, ensuring a robust foundation for your projects. With zero setup live reloading, any changes made in the IDE are instantly reflected on the website, streamlining the development process.

  • UIkit: This lightweight and modular front-end framework offers a wide range of components out of the box, such as sliders, tooltips, and lightbox galleries, all equipped with keyboard navigation and proper ARIA labels. UIkit simplifies the implementation of complex UI elements, allowing developers to focus on creating unique user experiences.

  • TailwindCSS: TailwindCSS enhances the customization of UIkit components, enabling developers to achieve 100% custom designs quickly and efficiently. It eliminates the need for separate LESS/CSS files, allowing for styling directly within the HTML/Latte markup. TailwindCSS's utility-first approach makes it easy to control layout details like grid gaps, which can be challenging with UIkit alone. Simply adding classes like "gap-2" or "gap-5" adjusts the layout precisely to your needs.

Together, these tools create a powerful and adaptable workspace for developers. They support everything from quickly creating basic models to developing fully-fledged applications that are attractive, user-friendly, and simple to update or expand.

Install and use modules at your own risk. Always have a site and database backup before installing new modules.

Latest news

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  • ProFields Table Field with Actions support
    This week we have some updates for the ProFields table field (FieldtypeTable). These updates are primarily focused on adding new tools for the editor to facilitate input and management of content in a table field.
    Blog / 12 April 2024
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“ProcessWire is like a breath of fresh air. So powerful yet simple to build with and customise, and web editors love it too.” —Margaret Chatwin, Web developer