SessionHandlerRedis by Netcarver

Session handler module for ProcessWire that uses Redis as the back-end session store.


PHP Session Handler module for ProcessWire that uses Redis as the back-end storage engine.

The Need

Using Redis as the back-end storage engine allows you to store your session data in the memory of a dedicated or shared redis server. This allows sessions to be shared across multiple front-end instances of ProcessWire.


By default the module will attempt to connect to redis on using the default redis port of 6379. It will use a TTL of 30 mins (1800seconds) for all session keys and will prefix them with PHPSESSID: and store them all in the default redis DB (number 0).

You can change any of these defaults by adding the following lines to your config.php file (adjusting as needed)...

$config->redis_session_server_ip     = '';
$config->redis_session_server_port   = 6379;
$config->redis_session_server_db     = 0;
$config->redis_session_server_prefix = "PHPSESSID:";
$config->redis_session_server_ttl    = 1800;



Install and use modules at your own risk. Always have a site and database backup before installing new modules.

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