Should be safe for use in production environments.

  • MembersMessaging 0.1.0 by benbyf
    Easily setup a messaging system for your users. Allow your website users to message other users on the site given a user name.
    2024/03/29 — Premium Modules, Users and Access
  • Fluency 1.0.8 by FireWire
    Fluency Translation: The complete translation enhancement suite for ProcessWire
    2024/03/24 — Language Modules
  • ImagePlaceholders 0.3.0 by daun
    Generate low-quality image placeholders (LQIP) on upload
    2023/11/22 — Photo/Video/Audio
  • FormBuilderDefaultData 0.0.2 by Teppo
    Set default data for newly created Form Builder forms.
    2023/09/29 — Admin Helpers
  • SwissGerman 3.0.210 by poljpocket
    Swiss German (de-CH): Swiss German language pack for ProcessWire using non-formal language ("Du")
    2023/10/12 — Language Packs
  • TemplateEngineLatte 2.1.0 by daun
    Latte templates for the TemplateEngineFactory
    2023/11/22 — Markup Generation, Development Tools
  • TextformatterIframeEmbed 0.1.1 by Teppo
    Iframe Embed Text Formatter: Converts iframe URLs prefixed with "iframe/" within paragraph tags into HTML iframe elements.
    2023/08/19 — Textformatter Modules, Markup Generation
  • NoCookieWithoutConsent 1.1.0 by cwsoft
    NoCoWoCo - No Cookie Without Consent: Disables wire frontend cookies until user consent to use required cookies.
    2023/09/10 — Markup Generation, SEO/Accessibility
  • EmailToEncryptedMailto 1.1.2 by cwsoft
    Converts text emails and regular mailto links into encrypted mailto links.
    2023/11/11 — Email/WireMail, Textformatter Modules
  • FieldtypeObjectDimensions 1.2.2 by juergen
    Fieldtype to store length, width, height and to calculate and store the volume and area of an object.
    2023/10/30 — Fieldtype Modules, Inputfield Modules
  • FieldtypeOpeningHours 1.2.0 by juergen
    Openinghours: Fieldtype that stores opening hours for each day of the week (including additional input field for holidays)
    2023/10/30 — Fieldtype Modules, Inputfield Modules
  • FormBuilderProcessorTripleseat 0.0.1 by Eduardo San Miguel Garcia
    Tripleseat Lead Form API Integration: Forwards forms to Tripleseat using their Lead Form API
    2023/05/22 — Admin Helpers
  • JkPublishPages 1.3.4 by juergen
    Publish/Unpublish pages: Publish/unpublish, delete or move pages depending on dates and times using LazyCron.
    2023/12/08 — Other Modules, Inputfield Modules
  • TemplateAccessLog 0.1.1 by Teppo
    Logs changes made to template roles and related access settings
    2023/03/18 — Logs/Monitoring, Users and Access
  • FrontendForms 2.1.66 by juergen
    Create forms and validate them using the Valitron library.
    2024/04/03 — Fieldtype Modules
  • TextformatterRockDown 1.3.0 by bernhard
    WhatsApp Like Textformatter: ProcessWire Textformatter for simple WhatsApp style text formatting (*bold*, _italic_, ~strike~, ```mono```
    2023/02/10 — Textformatter Modules
  • JkImagePlaceholder 1.5.2 by juergen
    Image Placeholder: A configurable module for creating placeholder images by using TrueTypeFonts for the placeholder text
    2023/10/30 — Markup Generation
  • PageGridBlocks 1.0.2 by jploch
    Install and uninstall PageGrid Blocks
    2024/04/17 — Markup Generation, Development Tools
  • FieldtypePageGrid 2.0.48 by jploch
    PAGEGRID: Commercial page builder module that renders block templates and adds drag and drop functionality in admin.
    2024/04/16 — Fieldtype Modules, Premium Modules
  • RockColorPicker 1.2.1 by bernhard
    Main RockColorPicker Module
    2023/01/08 — Fieldtype Modules

The modules directory is powered by ProcessWire with the FormBuilder and LoginRegisterPro modules.

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