ProcessTrashman by apeisa

Allows users without superuser role to view and restore pages from trash.

Trashman module

ProcessWire module which adds new admin page where users without superuser role can view and restore pages in trash.

How to use this

Install ProcessTrashman module, which automatically installs the required watchdog module. Installation creates new permission called "trashman". Give that new permission for all the roles that you want to have access to trash. After that users with those roles can view trash from Setup => Trashman.

You can move or rename the trashman page if you want. Also visit the module settings to set date formats for your liking.

Please note

Trashman doesn't allow viewing or restoring pages that were trashed before Trashman was installed. This is by design, since I want to have trashed date.


GPL, just like ProcessWire

Trashman Copyright 2013 by Antti Peisa
ProcessWire Copyright 2013 by Ryan Cramer

Install and use modules at your own risk. Always have a site and database backup before installing new modules.

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