ProcessTranslatePage by Robert Weiss

Translates all textfields on a page via Fluency

ProcessTranslatePage – A Processwire module to translate all page fields via Fluency

ProcessTranslatePage is an extension for the Processwire module Fluency by SkyLundy so it can translate all text fields on a page at once.

As translations might take some time to proceed, PHP timeouts might occur on pages with a lot of fields and/or text. To bypass that, see the section Command line usage


  1. Download and install Fluency-Translation
  2. Configure the DeepL-API credentials and language settings
  3. Download and install ProcessTranslatePage
  4. Configure the module settings if needed
  5. Add the permission ›fluency-translate‹ to your user role
  6. Open a page, click on the arrow next to the save-button, choose ›Save + Translate‹


  • Exclude Templates
  • Overwrite existing translations

Field support

  • PageTitleLanguage
  • TextLanguage
  • TextareaLanguage
  • File (and image) descriptions
  • All the mentioned fields inside Repeater, RepeaterMatrix, FieldsetPage, Functional and Table fields

Command line usage

If you want to translate more than one page at time, you can execute the included script translate-pagetree.php in the command line to prevent timeouts. Before executing, change the variables $username, $home and $includeHidden in the script according to your needs.

Please note, this is an alpha release. Please use in production after thorough testing for your own project and create Github issues for bugs found if possible.

Install and use modules at your own risk. Always have a site and database backup before installing new modules.

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