ProcessGeneralSettings by flydev 👊🏻

Module that stores global site settings

Global settings for ProcessWire 2.7+

This module provides a solution for keeping general site settings in one place


  • Admin can create unlimited number of settings
  • Settings can be grouped
  • Admin can set setting label, notes, property name, field width and type
  • Settings can be of type text, checkbox, radios, select, email, url, integer
  • The output can be language aware

How to use

In module configuration create as many settings as needed. Customize their label, type, width and provide a name you want to use in a template files (property name). Every time you wish to output site name you can use $settings->site_name or wire('settings')->site_name You can change global name ($settings) to something else in module configuration.

To get basic markup with all settings and their values use $settings->render().


This version of the module requires ProcessWire 2.7+


To make fields multilanguage aware create a field with a same property name with '_languageName' appended. Example: Your site has two languages: default and french, create site_title and site_title_french fields. Put in a template $settings->site_title. If a user has set french language, this module output site_title_french, otherwise site_title.

Copyright 2016 by Piotr Markiewicz

Install and use modules at your own risk. Always have a site and database backup before installing new modules.

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