ProcessFieldChangeNotifier by Netcarver

Emails users with a given role when a watched field changes value.

h1. Field Change Notifier

h2. Description

Allows you to setup watch conditions on fields (in specific contexts) and specify groups of users that should be notified when the condition is met.

h2. Installation

# Copy the ProcessFieldChangeNotifier.module file into site/modules
# In the admin interface, navigate to the modules page and hit the "Check for new modules" button
# Click on "ProcessFieldChangeNotifier" in the new module message or scroll down until you locate it
# Click the "Install" button

h2. Hooks

You can hook the @triggerMatch()@ method if you want to define your own custom actions when a watch triggers.

h2. License

GPL v2.

h2. Versions

| 0.6.0 | Changes for PSR conformity. Make @triggerMatch@ hookable. Allow detection of changes to/from empty strings. |
| 0.5.0 | Make strings translatable. Fix another xdebug notice when the hook is triggered. |
| 0.4.0 | Only query the DB on a page save (Thanks Antti.) Fix xdebug notice when no watches are defined (thanks ceberlin.) |
| 0.3.1 | Adds the @$page@ to the context passed to the tag parser. You can now access page properties using the @{page.subfield}@ syntax. |
| 0.3.0 | Allow individual recipient users to be selected. |
| 0.2.0 | Allow multiple recipient roles to be selected and stop duplicate sends to users with more than one matching role. |
| 0.1.1 | Make compatible with Soma's ModuleManager. |
| 0.1.0 | Initial release. |

Install and use modules at your own risk. Always have a site and database backup before installing new modules.

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