ProcessDebugPageFields by Robert Weiss

Module to help debug page fields in a readable manner.

Debug Page Fields

Processwire module to debug page fields in a readable manner

Adds two new properties to all pages:

  • $page->debugFieldValues – returns an object with all (sub-)fields, their labels, fieldtypes and values in a readable manner
  • $page->debugFieldTypes – returns an object with all fieldtypes and their corresponding fields

Both properties are best to be used in combination with debugging tools like Tracy Debugger or Ray

Supported fieldtypes

  • Button
  • Checkbox
  • Color
  • Combo
  • Datetime
  • Email
  • FieldsetPage *
  • File
  • FontIconPicker
  • Functional
  • Image
  • ImageReference
  • MapMarker
  • Multiplier
  • Mystique
  • Options
  • Page
  • PageIDs
  • PageTitle
  • Radio
  • Repeater *
  • RepeaterMatrix *
  • RockAwesome
  • SeoMaestro
  • Table
  • Text
  • Textarea
  • Textareas
  • Toggle
  • URL

* The fields with complete subfield-support also list their corresponding subfields.

Install and use modules at your own risk. Always have a site and database backup before installing new modules.

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