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Processwire payment module for Mollie


Mollie payment method for ProcessWire


Requires PaymentModule -module

Mollie API

(Info form

To use the Mollie API client, the following things are required:

  • Get yourself a free Mollie account. No sign up costs.
  • Now you're ready to use the Mollie API client in test mode.
  • Follow a few steps to enable payment methods in live mode, and let us handle the rest.
  • PHP >= 5.6
  • Up-to-date OpenSSL (or other SSL/TLS toolkit)

Composer Installation

By far the easiest way to install the Mollie API client is to require it with Composer.

$ composer require mollie/mollie-api-php:^2.0

    "require": {
        "mollie/mollie-api-php": "^2.0"

The version of the API client corresponds to the version of the API it implements. Check the notes on migration to see what changes you need to make if you want to start using a newer API version.

Manual Installation

If you're not familiar with using composer we've added a ZIP file to the releases containing the API client and all the packages normally installed by composer. Download the from the releases page.

Include the vendor/autoload.php as shown in Initialize example.

Example (with Padloper)

$checkout = modules()->get("PadOnePageCheckout");
$payment = modules()->get("PaymentMollie");

$urlSegment = input()->urlSegment1;

if (input()->urlSegment1 == "payment") {

if (!input()->urlSegment1 && input()->get('id')) {

    // Check the order
    $order = pages()->get(input()->get('id'));

    // Check if the order has been paid



MIT License

Install and use modules at your own risk. Always have a site and database backup before installing new modules.

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