Directory of ProcessWire plugin modules

  • JkImagePlaceholder 1.4.0 alpha by juergen
    Image Placeholder: A configurable module for creating placeholder images by using TrueTypeFonts for the placeholder text
    Added 2023/01/21 — Markup Generation
  • PageGridBlocks 0.0.2 beta by jploch
    Install and uninstall PageGrid Blocks
    Added 2023/01/19 — Markup Generation, Development Tools
  • FieldtypePageGrid 0.0.99 by jploch
    PAGEGRID: Commercial page builder module that renders block templates and adds drag and drop functionality in admin.
    Added 2023/01/19 — Fieldtype Modules, Premium Modules
  • TagsToFolders 0.0.3 beta by EPRC
    This is a small helper tool to visually organise fields/templates into folders in the menu when they are tagged
    Added 2023/01/14 — Admin Helpers
  • RockColorPicker 1.2.1 by bernhard
    Main RockColorPicker Module
    Added 2023/01/03 — Fieldtype Modules
  • GooglePlaceDetails 1.0.0 by Stefan Thumann
    Display Google place details like reviews and other information.
    Added 2023/01/03 — Social, Feeds, Services, Markup Generation
  • FieldtypeStars 0.1.0 beta by Robin S
    Stars: Sets a float value by selecting a star rating.
    Added 2022/12/15 — Inputfield Modules, Fieldtype Modules
  • InputfieldSlideToggle 0.0.5 beta by BitPoet
    Sliding Toggle: Smartphone style sliding toggle as replacement for plain checkboxes
    Added 2022/11/24 — Fieldtype Modules, Inputfield Modules
  • AdminPreSaveValidation 1.0.0 by thetuningspoon
    Pre-Save Validation: Forces admin editors to fix all errors before saving a page.
    Added 2022/11/22 — Admin Helpers
  • TextformatterLiteYouTubeEmbed 1.0.1 beta by jacmaes
    Lite YouTube Embed: Replaces plain YouTube links in a CKEditor field with Paul Irish's much faster YouTube embed script.
    Added 2022/11/21 — Textformatter Modules, Photo/Video/Audio
  • ImageMegapixels 0.2.0 beta by Robin S
    Adds methods to Pageimage objects useful for resizing to a target megapixel value.
    Added 2022/11/15 — Photo/Video/Audio
  • AdminStyleDark 1.0.0 beta by flydev
    Dark Style for AdminThemeUikit
    Added 2022/10/26 — Admin Helpers, Other Modules
  • Scss 1.0.1 by bernhard
    Module to compile CSS files from SCSS
    Added 2022/10/20 — Development Tools, Admin Helpers
  • RockOptionsApi 1.0.2 by bernhard
    Module for easy manipulation of option-fields via API
    Added 2022/10/17 — Development Tools
  • RockAnalytics 1.0.4 by bernhard
    Module to easily include plausible dashboard into the PW backend
    Added 2022/10/04 — Development Tools
  • ListerToClipboard 0.1.2 beta by Robin S
    Easily copy a selector for the current Lister filters or selected results to the clipboard.
    Added 2022/09/29 — Development Tools, Admin Helpers
  • ProcessPageRedirects 1.0.3 beta by NB Communication
    Page Redirects: Provides a interface for viewing and managing redirects for all page editors.
    Added 2022/09/28 — Process Modules
  • AdminStyleRock 1.0.7 by bernhard
    Docs & Development Module for rock style of AdminThemeUikit
    Added 2022/09/18 — Admin Helpers
  • RockMigrations 2.14.0 by bernhard
    The Ultimate Automation and Deployment-Tool for ProcessWire
    Added 2022/08/29 — Development Tools, Import/Export
  • PageTableNext 2.0.2 by Neue Rituale
    The module provides a list of PageTable based content elements. It enables the backend user to easily create, publish, move, delete, copy and paste content…
    Added 2022/08/16 — Fieldtype Modules, Inputfield Modules

The modules directory is powered by ProcessWire with the FormBuilder and LoginRegisterPro modules.

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