Mystique by Iskender TOTOGLU

Mystique is a config file based field creation module for ProcessWire CMS/CMF by ALTI VE BIR.

Mystique Module for ProcessWire CMS/CMF


Mystique module allow you to create dynamic fields and store dynamic fields data on database by using a config file.


  • ProcessWire 3.0 or newer
  • PHP 7.0 or newer
  • FieldtypeMystique
  • InputfieldMystique


Install the module from the modules directory:

Via Composer:

composer require trk/mystique

Via git clone:

cd your-processwire-project-folder/
cd site/modules/
git clone
Module in live reaction with your Mystique config file

This mean if you remove a field from your config file, field will be removed from edit screen. As you see on youtube video.

Using Mystique with your module or use different configs path, autoload need to be true for modules

Default configs path is site/templates/configs/, and your config file name need to start with Mystique. and need to end with .php extension.

Adding custom path not supporting anymore !

// Add your custom path inside your module class`init` function, didn't tested outside
public function init()

Mystique module will search site/modules/**/configs/Mystique.*.php and site/templates/Mystique.*.php paths for Mystique config files.

All config files need to return a PHP ARRAY like examples.

Usage almost same with ProcessWire Inputfield Api, only difference is set and showIf usage like on example.

namespace ProcessWire;

 * Resource : testing-mystique
return [
    'title' => __('Testing Mystique'),
    'fields' => [
        'text_field' => [
            'label' => __('You can use short named types'),
            'description' => __('In file showIf working like example'),
            'notes' => __('Also you can use $input->set() method'),
            'type' => 'text',
            'showIf' => [
                'another_text' => "=''"
            'set' => [
                'showCount' => InputfieldText::showCountChars,
                'maxlength' => 255
            'attr' => [
                'attr-foo' => 'bar',
                'attr-bar' => 'foo'
        'another_text' => [
            'label' => __('Another text field (default type is text)')


  • site/templates/configs/Mystique.seo-fields.php

namespace ProcessWire;

 * Resource : seo-fields
return [
    'title' => __('Seo fields'),
    'fields' => [
        'window_title' => [
            'label' => __('Window title'),
            'type' => Mystique::TEXT, // or InputfieldText
            'useLanguages' => true,
            'attr' => [
                'placeholder' => __('Enter a window title')
        'navigation_title' => [
            'label' => __('Navigation title'),
            'type' => Mystique::TEXT, // or InputfieldText
            'useLanguages' => true,
            'showIf' => [
                'window_title' => "!=''"
            'attr' => [
                'placeholder' => __('Enter a navigation title')
        'description' => [
            'label' => __('Description for search engines'),
            'type' => Mystique::TEXTAREA,
            'useLanguages' => true
        'page_tpye' => [
            'label' => __('Type'),
            'type' => Mystique::SELECT,
            'options' => [
                'basic' => __('Basic page'),
                'gallery' => __('Gallery'),
                'blog' => __('Blog')
        'show_on_nav' => [
            'label' => __('Display this page on navigation'),
            'type' => Mystique::CHECKBOX

Searching data on Mystique field is limited. Because, Mystique saving data to database in json format. When you make search for Mystique field, operator not important. Operator will be changed with %= operator.

Search example
$navigationPages = pages()->find('my_mystique_field.show_on_nav=1');
$navigationPages = pages()->find('my_mystique_field.page_tpye=gallery');

Install and use modules at your own risk. Always have a site and database backup before installing new modules.

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