MarkupGoogleRecaptcha by flydev 👊🏻

Google reCAPTCHA for ProcessWire


Google reCAPTCHA for ProcessWire. This module simply adds reCAPTCHA to your form.

How To Install

  1. Download the zip file at Github or clone directly the repo into your site/modules
  2. If you dowloaded the zip file, extract it in your sites/modules directory
  3. Goto the modules admin page, click on refresh and install it.


You must create an API key prior to use this module. Goto to create your own. Next, add the API keys information to the module's settings.

module settings


  1. Call the module : $captcha = $modules->get("MarkupGoogleRecaptcha");
  2. Call $captcha->getScript(); somewhere to get the javascript used by reCAPTCHA
  3. Render reCAPTCHA in a standard HTML <form></form> by calling $captcha->render() or Render reCAPTCHA in an InputfieldForm by passing as argument your form to the render function: $captcha->render($form)
  4. Call verifyResponse() to get the result. It return TRUE if the challenge was successfull.


We make a form using ProcessWire's API and inject the reCaptcha :

$out = '';

$captcha = $modules->get("MarkupGoogleRecaptcha");
// if submitted, check response
if ($captcha->verifyResponse() === true)
	$out .= "Hi " . $input->post["name"] . ", thanks for submitting the form!";
	$form = $modules->get("InputfieldForm");
	$form->action = $page->url;
	$form->method = "post";
	$form->attr("id+name", "form");

	$field = $this->modules->get('InputfieldText');
	$field->name = "name";
	$field->placeholder = "name";

	// CAPTCHA - our form as argument, the function will add an InputfieldMarkup to our form

	// add a submit button
	$submit = $this->modules->get("InputfieldSubmit");
	$submit->name = "submit";
	$submit->value = 'Submit';

	$out .= $form->render();

	$out .= $captcha->getScript();


echo $out;

A plain HTML form :

$captcha = $modules->get("MarkupGoogleRecaptcha");
// if submitted check response
if ($captcha->verifyResponse() === true)
	$out .= "Hi " . $input->post["name"] . ", thanks for submitting the form!";
	$out .= "<form method='post' action='{$page->url}'>\n"
	     . "\t<input type='text' name='name'>\n"
	     . $captcha->render() // render reCaptcha
	     . "\t<input type='submit'>\n"
	     . "</form>\n";

	$out .= $captcha->getScript();

echo $out;

Install and use modules at your own risk. Always have a site and database backup before installing new modules.

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