InputfieldTinyMCE by Ryan Cramer

TinyMCE rich text editor v6 for ProcessWire 3.0.200+


Rich text editor for ProcessWire 3.0.200+

This is an Inputfield for ProcessWire 3.0.200+ that uses TinyMCE 6.2.0. Note this is a development version and will eventually be added to the ProcessWire core as an alternative or replacement for the existing CKEditor 4.x Inputfield.


  1. Copy all files and directories from this module into /site/modules/InputfieldTinyMCE/.
  2. In your admin go to Modules > Refresh, and click "Install" for InputfieldTinyMCE.
  3. Note all the module configuration settings, which you may want to return to later.


  1. Create a new Textarea field or edit an existing one (Setup > Fields).
  2. While editing the field, on the "Details" tab, select "TinyMCE" for "Inputfield type".
  3. Save. Then while still editing the field, click to the "Input" tab, review the available settings and optionally modify them as needed. Save.

ProcessWire 3.x, Copyright 2023 by Ryan Cramer

TinyMCE 6.x, Copyright (c) 2022 Ephox Corporation DBA Tiny Technologies, Inc.

Install and use modules at your own risk. Always have a site and database backup before installing new modules.

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