InputfieldRepeaterMatrixDuplicate by David Karich

This module extends the commercial ProcessWire ProModule "RepeaterMatrix" by the function to duplicate repeater items from one page to another page. Multilingual and full support of file and image fields.

ProcessWire InputfieldRepeaterMatrixDuplicate

This module extends the commercial ProModule "RepeaterMatrix" by the function to duplicate repeater items from one page to another page. The condition is that the target field is the same matrix field from which the item is duplicated. This module is currently understood as proof of concept. There are a few limitations that need to be considered. The intention of the module is that this functionality is integrated into the core of RepeaterMatrix and does not require an extra module. With the current RepeaterMatrix module an item can only be duplicated within the same page and field.

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What the module can do

  • Duplicate multible repeater items from one page to another
  • No matter how complex the item is
  • Full support for file and image fields
  • Multilingual support
  • Support of Min and Max settings
  • Live synchronization of clipboard between multiple browser tabs. Copy an item and simply switch the browser tab to the target page and you will immediately see the past button
  • Support of multiple RepeaterMatrix fields on one page
  • Configurable which roles and fields are excluded
  • Configurable dialogs for copy and paste
  • Duplicated items are automatically pasted to the end of the target field and set to hidden status so that changes are not directly published
  • Automatic clipboard update when other items are picked
  • Automatically removes old clipboard data if it is not pasted within 6 hours
  • Delete clipboard itself by clicking the selected item again
  • Benefit: unbelievably fast workflow and content replication

What the module can't do

  • Before an item can be duplicated in its current version, the source page must be saved. This means that if you make changes to an item and copy this, the old saved state will be duplicated
  • Dynamic loading is currently not possible. Means no AJAX. When pasting, the target page is saved completely
  • No support for nested repeater items. Currently only first level items can be duplicated. Means a repeater field in a repeater field cannot be duplicated. Workaround: simply duplicate the parent item
  • Dynamic reloading and adding of repeater items cannot be registered. Several interfaces and events from the core are missing. The initialization occurs only once after the page load event

Attention, please note!

Nested repeaters cannot be supported technically. Therefore a check is made to prevent this. However, a nested repeater can only be detected if the field name ends for example with _repeater1234. For example, if your MatrixRepeater field is named like this: content_repeater or content_repeater123, this field is identified as nested and the module does not load. In version 2.0.1 the identification has been changed so that a field ending with the name repeater is only detected as nested if at least a two-digit number sequence follows. But to avoid this problem completely, make sure that your repeater matrix field does NOT end with the name "repeater".

RepeaterMatrix version 0.0.8 can also copy and paste

Yes, the new beta version 0.0.8 has also received the function to copy and paste items. You don't need to use this module anymore. But you can use it in parallel, because this module still has two advantages:

  • You can copy and paste multiple items at the same time
  • Better usability and visualization



  • Enhancement: various minor adjustment to make the module compatible with RepeaterMatrix version 0.0.8 as well


  • Bug fix: Thanks to @ngrmm I could discover a bug which causes that the module cannot be loaded if the MatrixRepeater field ends with the name "repeater". The code was adjusted and information about the problem was provided.


  • Feature: Copy multiple items at once! The fundament for copying multiple items was created by @Autofahrn - THX!
  • Feature: Optionally you can disable the copy and/or paste dialog
  • Bug fix: A fix suggestion when additional and normal repeater fields are present was contributed by @joshua - THX!


  • Bug fix: Various bug fixes and improvements in live synchronization
  • Bug fix: Items are no longer inserted when the normal save button is clicked. Only when the past button is explicitly clicked
  • Feature: Support of multiple repeater fields in one page
  • Feature: Support of repeater Min/Max settings
  • Feature: Configurable roles and fields
  • Enhancement: Improved clipboard management
  • Enhancement: Documentation improvement
  • Enhancement: Corrected few typos #1


  • Feature: Live synchronization
  • Enhancement: Load the module only in the backend
  • Enhancement: Documentation improvement


  • Bug fix: Various bug fixes and improvements in JS functions
  • Enhancement: Documentation improvement
  • Enhancement: Corrected few typos


  • Bug fix: Various bug fixes and improvements in the duplication process


  • Initial release

Be involved in the development

Fork this module and improve it. It would be nice if this functionality is natively supported by the repeater matrix module.

Support this module

If this module is useful for you, I am very thankful for your small donation: Donate 5,- Euro (via PayPal – or an amount of your choice. Thank you!)

Install and use modules at your own risk. Always have a site and database backup before installing new modules.

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