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Import your categories, products, features and images directly from your Prestashop database to your Processwire website.


Module to import your categories, products, features and images from Prestashop

For installation, please read the instructions here:

This module helps you to connect your Prestashop account to your Processwire website. This module is a big timesaver when it comes to exporting the products from Prestashop to Processwire. Instead of manually copy the data from Prestashop, this module gets the data directly from the database which is linked to your Prestashop account and implement this data into the fields in Processwire.
If you import everything for the very first time, you need to follow the steps:

  1. Make connection with the Database
  2. Import the categories
  3. Import the products
  4. Import features
  5. Import images

Note: after you've imported the products, you can choose whether to import first the features or the images. The images don't require imported features and reverse.

If you use this module for the second time or more, and you use the same parent page with the same children which have the same template, then there is no ranking in the imports. You can choose to import first the images, folllowed by the categories and so on. But if you want to update all the data, I recommend to follow the steps.

Configuration settings

- It is possible to choose your own templates - Select the parent page, this page holds all the imported pages as children or grandchildren - Choose how to import the features of the products - In a ProField:Table or just with HTML-tags in a textfield - Import everyting in only your default language or in as many languages as possible (some modules are required) - Choose to import the EAN-numbers of the products and/or the reference code of the products too
I've added the options to translate this module. In the .zip file is a Dutch translation included. If you want to translate this module in other languages, feel free to PM me on the forum.
Support Forum

This module is free to use, you can modify it if you want.

Install and use modules at your own risk. Always have a site and database backup before installing new modules.

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