ImportPagesCSV by Ryan Cramer

Enables you to import CSV files to create pages.


This is a ProcessWire module that enables you to import CSV files to create pages
or modify existing pages. The module requires ProcessWire 3.0.123 or newer.
This is an admin/development tool that is recommended only for use by the
superuser or developer.

The following Fieldtypes are supported for importing, as well as most types
derived from them:

- Checkbox
- Datetime
- Email
- File
- Float
- Image
- Integer
- Options
- Page
- PageTitle
- Text
- Textarea

To install:

1. Place the file ImportPagesCSV.module in a /site/modules/ImportPagesCSV/ directory.
2. In ProcessWire admin, click to 'Modules' and 'Check for new modules'.
3. Click 'install next to the 'Import Pages CSV' module (under heading 'Import').

Once installed, the module can be found on your admin Setup menu under the title "Import
Pages CSV".

Importing file/image fields
CSV column should contain full URL (or diskpath and filename) to the file you want to import.
For fields that support multiple files, place each filename or URL on its own line, OR separate
them by | (pipe) OR tab.

Importing page reference fields
For single-value page fields the CSV imported value can be the page id, path, title, or name.
For multi-value page fields, the value can be the same but multiple-values should be separated by
either a newline in the column, or a pipe "|" character. Please make sure that your Page reference
field has one or more pages selected for the "Parent" setting on the Details tab. If you want the
import to be able to create paes, there must also be a single Template selected on the "Template"

Copyright 2011-2020 by Ryan Cramer for ProcessWire

Install and use modules at your own risk. Always have a site and database backup before installing new modules.

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