FormBuilderHtmx by FireWire

Render HTMX ready FormBuilder forms submitted via AJAX

ProcessWire FormBuilderHtmx

A zero-configuration drop in module to power your ProcessWire FormBuilder forms with AJAX via HTMX.


  • Converts any form built using the Pro FormBuilder module to AJAX
  • Forms are processed in place, no page refreshes after submission
  • Does not conflict with existing styles or JavaScript
  • Complements FormBuilder with no modifications, all module behavior and features remain the same
  • Can be used per-form alongside FormBuilder native output methods
  • Compatible with ProCache
  • Compatible with FieldtypeFormSelect


  • ProcessWire >= 3.0
  • FormBuilder >= 0.5.5 (untested with other versions but should work)
  • PHP >= 8.1
  • The HTMX library (not provided with this module)

Ensure that HTMX is present and loaded. See HTMX docs for details.

HTMX is not included for multiple reasons. The most important being that this module is built using core HTMX behavior that is not expected to change with new versions, but will be updated should that change. It also guarantees that there won't be collisions where HTMX may already exist in your project. Use the version that works for you, and confidently add this module to existing applications.

How To Use

Step 1. Disable CSRF protection for the form. (see why below)

Step 2. Use switch your object from $forms to $htmxForms

<!-- Replace $forms->render('your_form'); with this: -->

Step 3. (there is no step 3)


The Submit button is automatically disabled on submission to prevent duplicate requests from click-happy users.

FormBuilderHtmx uses FormBuilder's "Option C: Preferred Method" for rendering. Refer to the 'Embed' tab of your Form Setup page for additional details.

$htmxForms->render() is a drop-in replacement for the equivalent FormBuilder method. It can be hooked (details below) and accepts its second $vars argument. By drop-in replacement, it allows you to continue using the FormBuilder API as you would expect, including the script and CSS utilities.

  Keep your workflow, $htmxForms returns the same object as $forms
  The second prefill parameter mirrors FormBuilder, add prefill values as needed
$htmxForm = $htmxForms->render('your_form_field', [
  'first_name' => "Biff",
  'last_name' => "Tannen",
  'email' => "",

echo $htmxForm->styles;
echo $htmxForm->scripts;
echo $htmxForm;

Including An Activity Indicator

Unlike a standard form which triggers a page refresh, an AJAX powered form does not provide feedback to the user that there is anything happening after taking action. FormBuilderHtmx lets you take care of that by showing the user an element of your choice. Check out these animations for inspiration and ready-to-go code.

Here's an example of a full implementation with a 'spinner':

   * Include some CSS. The `.activity-indicator` class name is up to you. `.htmx-request` is
   * required and must remain unchanged

  .activity-indicator {
    display: none;

  /* Style as you please */
  .htmx-request .activity-indicator,
  .htmx-request.activity-indicator {
    display: inline;

<!-- The third argument is a CSS selector matching your 'spinner' -->
<?= $htmxForms->render('your_form', [], '#your-form-indicator') ?>

<div id="your-form-indicator" class="activity-indicator">
  <span class="spinner"></span>

Even more ta-dah.

CSRF Protection

CSRF protection must be disabled for forms using HTMX/AJAX CSRF errors will occur where forms are submitted via AJAX.

How Does It Work?

FormBuilderHtmx modfies the FormBuilder markup on page load before rendering by setting/adding attributes to the form that enable HTMX to handle submissions.

When a form is submitted, FormBuilder handles processing the data as usual and returns the full page markup. FormBuilderHtmx parses it and extracts the content HTMX expects in response.


FormBuilderHtmx provides a hookable method to work with the markup being output to the page after a form has been processed by FormBuilder. This works exactly as the native hookable FormBuilder::render() method does.

The markup that is passed to this hook is the markup that will be rendered to the page after being processed by FormBuilderHtmx as described above.

$wire->addHookAfter('FormBuilderHtmx::render', function(HookEvent $event) {
  $formHtmlMarkup = $event->return;

  // Modify markup as desired
  $event->return =<<<EOT
    <p>Look at these AJAX processed results:</p>

Nifty Tricks

This module lets you use the same field multiple times on one page. Only one will be submitted and processed.

Install and use modules at your own risk. Always have a site and database backup before installing new modules.

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