FieldtypeRecurringDates by Eduardo San Miguel Garcia

Field that stores recurring events from a UI to define RRules.

This is a pre-release please do not use in production.



Fieldtype and Inputfield for definining recurring dates according to RFC-RFC 5545 and the awesome library php-rrule


composer require elabx/fieldtype-recurring-dates

Make sure to install both FieldtyeRecurringDates and AlpineJS modules. Additionally you may install RecurringDatesFinder for search operations.

Or download through the processwire modules directory.

This module will save the RRules occurrences in the database to be queried later.

Find pages with fields

Use date values valid for date selectors.


Finding occurrences

You can use the module included in this same package to find the rules occurrences:

$start and $end value are any acceptable value for $datetime

$finder = $modules->get('ReccurringDatesFinder')
$output = $finder->find(
     // from date
    // to date
    '+30 days',
    $selector, [
        'fields' => [ // Will find event occurrences in fields specified in this array

This method will return the SQL UNION result of specified fields.

You can also hook into getRecurringFieldQueries() to add queries that will get added to the final UNION query.


  • [ ] Add support for BYSETPOS
  • [ ] Add support for 'Never' option.


  • [ ] Support for plain text RRule.
  • [ ] Add support to modify RRule before saving? Maybe skips
  • [ ] Use RSet instead of RRule?

Install and use modules at your own risk. Always have a site and database backup before installing new modules.

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