FieldtypePageIDs by Teppo

Fieldtype that stores Page IDs

ProcessWire Page IDs Fieldtype

Field that stores Page IDs as simple, numeric values. Long story short: this Fieldtype was built as a workaround since Page Reference fields can't handle self-references due to ProcessWire's built-in circular reference prevention.

Fieldtype Page IDs is intended to be loosely compatible with Page References in order to make conversions between the two feasible, but on the other hand it is very much limited feature wise: advanced selectors are not supported, page values can't be directly accessed, only a couple of inputfields are currently supported, and so on.

Getting started

Note: this module requires ProcessWire >= 3.0.98.

Clone or download the module's directory to /site/modules/, go to Admin > Modules, hit "Check for new modules", and install Fieldtype Page IDs.

Since this is a fieldtype module, the next step would be creating a field and choosing Page IDs as the fieldtype. In field configuration you should input a selector string to populate the values, and choose the inputfield from a list of supported inputfield types (default is AsmSelect).


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(See included LICENSE file for full license text.)

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