FieldtypeFontIconPicker by Iskender TOTOGLU

Module allow you to use Font-Awesome, Ionicons and other icon libraries easily. You can select icons directly from icon select list, also you can set settings for each InputfieldFontIconPicker.


This field-type allow to you easily pick icons from input-field. This module using jQuery fontIconPicker as icon selector. You can see supported icon libraries below. If you need to use custom fonts you can check below example.

Supported Icon Libraries


NOTE: Module store data without prefix, you need to add "prefix" when you want to show your icon on front-end, because some of front-end frameworks using font-awesome with different "prefix".

Module will search site/modules/**/configs/IconPicker.*.php and site/templates/IconPicker.*.php paths for FieldtypeFontIconPicker config files.

All config files need to return a PHP ARRAY like examples.

Example config file : create your own icon set.

File location is site/configs/IconPicker.example.php


namespace ProcessWire;

 * IconPicker : Custom Icons
return [
    "name" => "my-custom-icons",
    "title" => "My Custom Icon Set",
    "version" => "1.0.0",
    "styles" => array(
        wire("config")->urls->templates . "dist/css/my-custom-icons.css"
    "scripts" => array(
        wire("config")->urls->templates . "dist/js/my-custom-icons.js"
    "categorized" => true,
    "attributes" => array(),
    "icons" => array(
        "brand-icons" => array(
            "title" => "Brand Icons",
            "icons" => array(
                "google", "facebook", "twitter", "instagram"
        "flag-icons" => array(
            "title" => "Flag Icons",
            "icons" => array(
                "tr", "gb", "us", "it", "de", "nl", "fr"

Example config file : use existing and extend it.

File location is site/configs/IconPicker.altivebir.php


namespace ProcessWire;

 * IconPicker : Existing & Extend

$resource = include wire("config")->paths->siteModules . "FieldtypeFontIconPicker/configs/IconPicker.uikit.php";

$url = wire("config")->urls->templates . "dist";

$resource["scripts"] = array_merge($resource["scripts"], ["{$url}/js/Altivebir.Icon.min.js"]);

$resource["icons"]["flag-icons"] = [
    "title" => "Flag Icons",
    "icons" => array("tr", "en", "fr", "us", "it", "de")

$resource["icons"]["brand-icons"]["icons"] = array_merge($resource["icons"]["brand-icons"]["icons"], array(

return $resource;

After you add your custom config file, you will see your config file on library select box. Library Title (Location Folder Name).

Library Select

If your library categorized and if you have categorized icons set like uikit and fontawesome libraries, you will have category limitation options per icon field or leave it empty for allow all categories (default).

Library Select

Example : output

if ($icon = $page->get("iconField")) {
    echo "<i class='prefix-{$icon}' />";

MarkupFontIconPicker Usage

// MarkupFontIconPicker::render(YourIconField=string, Options=array)
echo MarkupFontIconPicker::render($page->YourIconField, [
        'prefix' => 'uk-icon-', // Icon class prefix, if you have different prefix, default is : "fa fa-"
        'tag' => 'span', // Icon tag default is : "i"
        'class' => 'fa-lg', // If you have extra cutom classes, for example : icons sizes, Array or Sting value
        'style' => 'your custom styles if you have' // Array or String Value

Theme support

Library Select

Search support

Library Select

Category support

Library Select

Install and use modules at your own risk. Always have a site and database backup before installing new modules.

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