FieldtypeButton by kixe

Field that stores 3 values for label, target and class (CSS). Output markup configurable in field settings.


ProcessWire Module Fieldtype to easily create and edit buttons for the frontend.

The returned value is an instance of Button. Direct output provided.

Button properties

With the button object the following properties are provided:

Defined in field settings

|:-|:-| | html | Markup for the output. Placeholders can be used. Define placeholders by surrounding property names with curled brackets. If a property is an object use dot syntax to get subproperties. |

Defined in inputfield

|:-|:-| | label | Page object if detected as internal page, default: NULL | | target | Relative paths will be translated to page (if exists). Placeholders (e.g. language home segments) can be used @see html  | | class | CSS class |

Generic properties

|:-|:-| | targetPage | Page object if detected as internal page, default: NULL |

Language specific properties

|:-|:-| | language | Language object (current user language) | | lang | Language home segment | | langNonDefault | Language home segment appended by a slash or empty string if default language | | langFor<homeSegment> | E.g. langForEn. Language home segment appended by a slash. Provided only if user language matches, otherwise an empty string will be returned | |label<languageID> | E.g. label1234. Language specific button label. |

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