EmailVerification by kixe

E-Mail Verification and Domain Validation via API. Checks an email address against blacklist and availability of mailhost. Blacklisted domains and email addresses are simply stored in a text file. Easy to edit.


Functional API for E-Mail and Domain Verification.

  • Email address verification against domain black- and whitelist (automated updates via online service
  • Determination of availability of a mailhost. (MX and A Resource Record)
  • Validation of Top Level Domains. (list of TLDs (punycode encoded) pulled from IANA stored in local textfile, automated monthly update)
  • Syntax validation of domainnames
  • Syntax validation of hostnames (punycode encoded)

Domains are listed in easy to edit text files blacklist.txt and whitelist.txt which are stored in the repository of this module.

API Usage

// get module  
$mailcheck = $modules->get('EmailVerification');

// return bool/ string - automatted update of blacklist file

// return bool - validate a top level domain, checks against IANA list

// return array of punycoded TLDs - cyclic updated, data pulled from IANA

// return string - domain part of an email address

// return bool - checks syntax converts to punycode

// return bool - checks punycode encoded syntax

// return bool - checks syntax and accessibility

// add a single value to blacklist, remove from whitelist
// return false or string (domain)

// add a single value to whitelist, remove from blacklist
// return false or string (domain)




kixe (Christoph Thelen)

Install and use modules at your own risk. Always have a site and database backup before installing new modules.

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