ProcessWire modules for importing and handling large data sets.


It is a set of ProcessWire modules for importing, manipulating and displaying large (50k+ entries) data sets.
The software was developed for the [Mikes-dictionary] and other Digital Humanities projects.

Main features

  • import data from CSV and XML sources
  • user configurable input <-> field mappings
  • on-the-fly field data composition
  • supports downloading external resources (files, images)
  • purge, extend or overwrite existing data (PW pages and their fields)
  • handle page references and option fields
  • fairly low resource requirements (uses Tasker to execute long-running jobs)
  • and many more (filtering, limits, default values etc.)

How to use it

See the wiki.

Important notice

This module is under development.
It is now considered fairly stable but things may be broken and the internal API may change at any time.


The first version was created in 2017 to import a large XML dataset into ProcessWire pages.
The CSV import sub-module was created in 2018. It was tested to import large dataset containing 200k+ entries and many kinds of references between them.
The CSV + PDF import was developed in 2019 to create a complete digital library using a single CSV upload.


The "github-version" of the software is licensed under MPL 2.0.

Install and use modules at your own risk. Always have a site and database backup before installing new modules.

Twitter updates

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“Indeed, if ProcessWire can be considered as a CMS in its own right, it also offers all the advantages of a CMF (Content Management Framework). Unlike other solutions, the programmer is not forced to follow the proposed model and can integrate his/her ways of doing things.” —Guy Verville, Spiria Digital Inc.