The following admin themes are intended for ProcessWire versions prior to version 2.5. For ProcessWire 2.6+ please use the included core Default or Reno admin themes.

  • AdminThemeApertus 0.0.1 alpha by marcus
    Apertus Admin Theme: An AdminTheme meant for developers
    2014/08/10 — Admin Themes
  • Unify 0.9.0 beta by adamspruijt
    A natural fit for ProcessWire; light, clean, efficient and straight forward. Styled to fall in nicely with the new site design.
    2013/06/22 — Admin Themes
  • Compliance 1.0.2 by adamspruijt
    An "app-like" admin theme with heavy use of CSS3 and modern styling. Light and friendly, yet straight forward and professional.
    2013/01/10 — Admin Themes
  • EleganceAdminTheme 1.0.0 beta by u-nikos
    Elegance: Beautiful clean and simple theme, with look and feel based on the original ProcessWire theme.
    2012/12/25 — Admin Themes
  • MetroWire 1.0.1 by adamspruijt
    A clean and sharp admin theme focused on ease of use. Features a large footer containing recent changes and additions.
    2012/12/21 — Admin Themes
  • MinimalistBlueAdminTheme 1.0.0 beta by achabany
    Minimalist Blue: Look and feel based on the processwire theme, with a custom login form and simple blue UI.
    2012/07/25 — Admin Themes

The modules directory is powered by ProcessWire with the FormBuilder and LoginRegisterPro modules.

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    This week we'll take a detailed look at the newest addition to the ProFields set of modules: the Date Range Fieldtype and Inputfield.
    Blog / 24 November 2023
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