Admin helper modules are those that provide helpful tools, UI enhancements or optimizations to the admin panel (excluding Fieldtype or Inputfield modules).

  • VerifyLinks 0.1.5 beta by Robin S
    Periodically verifies that external links are working and not leading to an error page.
    2024/03/07 — Admin Helpers, Process Modules
  • ProcessTemplateAccess 0.1.5 beta by Robin S
    Template Access: Provides an editable overview of roles that can access each template.
    2024/01/25 — Admin Helpers, Users and Access
  • ProcessMediaLister 0.1.2 beta by Robin S
    Media Lister: Lists images and files from across the site in a sortable and filterable table.
    2024/03/05 — Admin Helpers, Photo/Video/Audio
  • PageEditLockFields 0.0.2 beta by Ryan Cramer
    Lock page fields or properties from editing on a page-by-page basis.
    2024/03/12 — Admin Helpers, Development Tools
  • HannaCodeDialogTiny 0.1.2 alpha by BitPoet
    Hanna Code Dialog for TinyMCE: Enhances the use of Hanna tags in TinyMCE fields, including the dialog-based editing of Hanna tags.
    2023/11/04 — Admin Helpers
  • LimitedModuleEdit 0.1.2 beta by Robin S
    Allows non-superusers to edit a limited selection of modules.
    2023/10/12 — Admin Helpers
  • Component 0.0.2 beta by ukyo (@trk)
    Module help you to create and use set of components to utilise in your ProcessWire page templates.
    2023/10/22 — Admin Helpers, Development Tools
  • FormBuilderDefaultData 0.0.2 by Teppo
    Set default data for newly created Form Builder forms.
    2023/09/29 — Admin Helpers
  • ProcessCronJobs 0.9.0 beta by Neue Rituale
    Manages the execution of CronJobs
    2023/09/15 — Process Modules, Admin Helpers
  • AdminStyleChroma 1.0.3 beta by Jacob Gorny
    Chroma enables multiple calculated palette options for light and dark themes from simple base color selections based on the AdminThemeUIKit administrative…
    2023/09/11 — Admin Styles/Themes, Admin Helpers
  • FieldInitialValue 0.1.1 beta by Robin S
    For most field types, allows the definition of an initial value that is automatically set when pages are created.
    2024/04/12 — Admin Helpers
  • ProcessSessionInfo 0.1.0 beta by Robin S
    Sessions: Lists information about active sessions in a similar way to SessionHandlerDB, but for file-based sessions.
    2023/07/22 — Admin Helpers, Users and Access
  • PageListAutoExpand 0.1.2 beta by Robin S
    Automatically expands the next adjacent page when moving a page in Page List.
    2023/07/05 — Admin Helpers
  • FormBuilderProcessorTripleseat 0.0.1 by Eduardo San Miguel Garcia
    Tripleseat Lead Form API Integration: Forwards forms to Tripleseat using their Lead Form API
    2023/05/22 — Admin Helpers
  • PageEditRestore 0.0.2 beta by Ryan Cramer
    Prevents page edits in the admin from getting lost when a user session is lost.
    2023/10/12 — Admin Helpers, Users and Access
  • WebpToJpg 0.2.0 beta by Robin S
    WEBP to JGP: Converts WEBP images to JPG on upload.
    2023/09/25 — Admin Helpers, Photo/Video/Audio
  • AlpineJS 0.0.5 beta by Eduardo San Miguel Garcia
    Alpine.js: ModuleJS module to add Alpine.js to ProcessWire.
    2023/09/26 — Admin Helpers
  • AdminActionsReplaceHome 0.1.0 beta by Robin S
    Replace Home: Replaces the template and content of the home page with that of a selected page. An addon action for the Admin Actions module.
    2023/02/15 — Admin Helpers
  • TagsToFolders 0.0.6 beta by EPRC
    This is a small helper tool to visually organise fields/templates into folders in the menu when they are tagged
    2024/01/11 — Admin Helpers
  • AdminPreSaveValidation 1.1.2 by thetuningspoon
    Pre-Save Validation: Forces admin editors to fix all errors before saving a page.
    2023/04/27 — Admin Helpers

The modules directory is powered by ProcessWire with the FormBuilder and LoginRegisterPro modules.

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