• EditorSkinLightwire 1.0.3 by nico
    LightWire-Skin: A clean CKEDitor skin for ProcessWire.
    2015/07/26 — Admin Helpers, Other Modules
  • ImageEXIF 0.7.0 alpha by nico
    Image EXIF data: Adds the EXIF data of an image to it's object.
    2015/05/07 — Admin Helpers, Development Tools, Photo/Video/Audio
  • MarkupSEO 0.8.7 beta by nico
    The all-in-one SEO solution for ProcessWire.
    2016/04/29 — Admin Helpers, Proof of Concept, SEO/Accessibility
  • TextboxList 1.2.0 by nico
    Facebook like TextboxList: A great field for e.g. tags and names.
    2015/05/07 — Fieldtype Modules, Inputfield Modules
  • ProcessDiagnostics 0.2.3 alpha by netcarver, horst, nico
    A simple diagnostic gathering suite of modules for ProcessWire CMS/CMF.
    2019/12/02 — Admin Helpers, Logs/Monitoring, Process Modules
  • LanguageInstantInstall 1.0.0 by nico
    One Click Language Installation: It adds a list of all available language packs to the "create new language" page and offers a link with one click installation.
    2015/05/07 — Admin Helpers, Language Modules, Process Modules
  • ProcessPreview 2.5.0 beta by nico
    Preview function for Processwire: This Module let you see a preview of a page.
    2015/05/07 — Admin Helpers
  • ProcessTemplateEditor 1.6.0 by nico
    Template File Editor: This module let's you edit template files on the fly directly in the backend.
    2015/05/07 — Admin Helpers, Development Tools
  • MarkupShortcodes 1.04 by nico
    Wordpress like Shortcodes: It brings Wordpress like shortcodes to Processwire.
    2015/05/07 — Markup Generation
  • InputfieldQuickTags 1.2.0 by nico
    Quick Tags: This module adds a toolbar to a textarea with insertable HTML tags.
    2015/05/07 — Inputfield Modules
  • TextformatterMarkExternalLinks 1.0.2 by nico
    Mark External Links: This module adds a class='external' and a rel='nofollow' to every external link.
    2015/05/07 — Textformatter Modules
  • ProcessLogs 1.3.0 by nico
    Log Viewer: This module let you see the logs.
    2014/12/28 — Admin Helpers, Logs/Monitoring
  • ProcessPageDelete 1.2.4 by nico
    Page Delete: This module adds a "delete" link to the page list.
    2015/05/07 — Process Modules
  • ManageFiles 1.08 by nico, soma
    Site-wide File Manager: This module let you easily manage ALL of your uploaded files.
    2012/08/08 — Process Modules

The modules directory is powered by ProcessWire with the FormBuilder and LoginRegisterPro modules.

Twitter updates

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    4 December 2020
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    20 November 2020
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    26 October 2020

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