WireMailPHPMailer by Iskender TOTOGLU

This module extends WireMail base class, integrating the PHPMailer mailing library into ProcessWire.


This module extends WireMail base class, integrating the PHPMailer mailing library into ProcessWire.The module using PHPMailer. You can see an example usage below.

Simple example

Other examples


You can set your configs from module settings or you can directly call $mail = wire("modules")->get("WireMailPHPMailer"); $mail = $mail->mailer(); function for new PHPMailer() instance.

Using Directly PHPMailer library

/** @var WireMailPHPMailer $mail */
$mail = wire("modules")->get("WireMailPHPMailer");
// load module without module configs
/** @var PHPMailer $mail */
$mail = $mail->getInstance(false);
$mail = wire("modules")->get("WireMailPHPMailer");
$mail = $mail->getInstance();
$mail->addAddress("email@domain.ltd", "Someone");
$mail->Subject = "WireMailPHPMailer";
$html = "<h1>WireMailPHPMailer</h1>";
$text = "WireMailPHPMailer";
$mail->Body    = $html;
$mail->AltBody = $text;

Using Like classic WireMail method

$mail = wire("modules")->get("WireMailPHPMailer");
    ->fromName("A From Name")
    ->subject('A Message Subject')
    ->body('A Message Body')
    ->bodyHtml("<h1>A HTML Message Body</h1>")

Install and use modules at your own risk. Always have a site and database backup before installing new modules.

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