AdminHelperLinks by Richard Jedlička

Adds shortcut links to edit fields and template directly from page edit.


Module for ProcessWire 3.x - add shortcut links to edit fields and template directly from page edit.

Shortcut link types:

  • edit page template
  • edit field
  • edit field in template context


Inspired by, but has unobtrusive display style, includes links using JS instead of PHP and has new features.


How to install modules.

Using composer

In your ProcessWire installation root run:

$ composer require uiii/admin-helper-links

Login to your ProcessWire admin and go to Modules > Refresh and install the module.

If you want to read more about ProcessWire and Composer visit

Install and use modules at your own risk. Always have a site and database backup before installing new modules.

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“We were really happy to build our new portfolio website on ProcessWire! We wanted something that gave us plenty of control on the back-end, without any bloat on the front end - just a nice, easy to access API for all our content that left us free to design and build however we liked.” —Castus, web design agency in Sheffield, UK