AdminDevModeColors by BitPoet

Enable distinct color scheme for development installs of PW


Distinguish the backend for ProcessWire development instances with different colors




This module is compatible with ProcessWire 3.0


The module changes the color of the top toolbar and adds a unique text next to / instead of the ProcessWire logo there (depending on the screen size) so you can easily dinstinguish your development installations from the production systems.

You can enable development mode by either

  • enabling the option in the module settings
  • setting $config->devMode = true; in site/config.php

I suggest to use the site/config.php option since this file usually needs to be adapted for development systems and you are less likely to accidentally ship your changes to the production system this way, unlike the module settings option.

Change color settings and text

The colors used for the background of the menu bar, the textual indicator and its foreground color can be set in the module's configuration.

Override settings in config.php

You can override any settings for background, foreground and dev string present in the module configuration with entries in config.php.

The properties are:

  • $config->devModeBgColor
  • $config->devModeFgColor
  • $config->devModeDevString

Admin Theme Support

The module supports the following admin themes:

  • Default
  • Reno
  • Uikit



The module was inspired by a post in the ProcessWire support forum by benbyf.

Color Picker

The module includes the color picker from tovic which is licensed under the same terms.

Install and use modules at your own risk. Always have a site and database backup before installing new modules.

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