This tutorial is designed to take you through ProcessWire 2.5 step by step and show you how to create a basic website.

This first chapter will cover using a clean install of ProcessWire and creating templates, fields and pages, together with a menu.

The second Chapter will cover the creation of an image gallery and will build on the site created in the first part.

The third chapter will look at a basic news system with categories and tags.


For this tutorial, you will need to download ProcessWire from the download page and install it on a webserver.

During the installation, please choose the BLANK PROFILE. This profile has no template file markup, only a couple of templates and only one field for pages, the title field.

You will require some sort of text editor like TextPad, Notepad++, Sublime Text or other system and you should have some basic utility for manipulating images.

There are no additional files required other than the standard ProcessWire download.

Knowledge Level

The tutorial is aimed at web designers and others who understand content management.

ProcessWire is based on Php and the API has been inspired by JQuery in its style. However, no detailed Javascript knowledge will be needed for these tutorials.

You should be reasonably well versed in good html markup and css and have a very basic understanding of php and how it is used. You will not need to be an expert in php or any other scripting.


ProcessWire API – Apart from this tutorial, the ProcessWire docs site has a lot of information about how the system works and how you use image fields, selectors, and much more.

ProcessWire Cheat sheet – the Cheat Sheet, created by Soma, is an invaluable resource and you may wish to refer to it regularly during this tutorial. – a resource for all things PHP

Chapter 1 - The Basic Website

The Basic Website