One of the questions that pops up from time to time is why isn't there an out-of-the-box gallery module?

There are two answers:

  1. A module would be a gallery put together in one particular way using one particular JQuery plugin and using one set of particuler fields. To cover all tastes and wants there would have to be hundreds of modules!
  2. It is so easy to create your own, why bother?
  3. Actually, it already has one; in the core....

Oh, okay, that was three, but that shows how unpredictable all this is.

This little tutorial is in two parts. In the first part I will attempt to create the shortest gallery tutorial possible and in the second I will do a bit more of an all singing and dancing gallery system.

But, it is important to note that these are just one set of ways to create a gallery - use them as a guide, but go and do your own thing with your own choice of JavaScript functionality and you will create something unique that suits your site perfectly, rather than come up with something that more-or-less does the job.

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