The World is a Page

If you strip all the clever stuff that you can do with ProcessWire away for a moment and just get down to the core, ProcessWire basically does one thing:

It stores data into a MySQL database and into tables that match up with the fields and then groups the data together into little containers called Pages.

Those pages might contain many, many fields, or they may only contain one – the title field, normally. It doesn’t really matter – they are not actual bits of paper after all, nor are they taking up any meaningful space. They are just little containers with bits of stuff in them.

It is slightly confusing that they are called pages perhaps, since you might not be using them for an actual, obvious web-page, but I strongly suggest you do not agonise over that. And when someone suggests that you use pages to give you values in a simple little drop down – just go with the flow! Trust me, they have given you good advice.

Now that has got the idea of a page out the way and if you were paying attention I sneaked in the idea of fields, too.

So, let’s see; without much extra help from me you could probably dive into the copy of ProcessWire that you have installed, go to Setup > Fields and create a handful of fields. Oh, you didn’t realise that? Don’t worry – off you go and create some. Just for the fun of it.

I will have a cup of Java.

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