ProcessWire 3.0.80, Pro module Q&A, CKEditor 5 and more

ProcessWire 3.0.80

This week we have another new version of the core that focuses primarily on attending to issue reports from our processwire-issues repository. This is consistent with our goal of working towards migration of the dev branch to the next master version, which we hope to complete in the next few weeks. These kinds of updates aren't the most interesting to write about in a blog post, but they are perhaps the most important when it comes to maintaining the best quality.

There actually were a couple of small enhancements this week too. One is that you can now use Repeater fields (Repeater, RepeaterMatrix, FieldsetPage) with the user template, and users can edit it from their user profile. That's assuming you've added the repeater field to the ProcessProfile module configuration (Modules > Core > Process > ProcessProfile). Previously repeaters were not supported for this scenario, but now they are. In addition, Users of the core Comments Manager module will be glad to know that it now works with the new Uikit admin theme. See the dev branch commit log for more details on this week's updates.

Because I don't have a lot to mention about this week's updates outside of the above, I thought I'd focus in on a few questions that come up often when people email me. This week we'll look at how to create a language pack, and answer a lot of common questions about Pro module renewals, upgrades and more. Finally, we'll take a look at the upcoming CKEditor 5.

How do I create a language pack?

The way you translate text in ProcessWire is to go to Setup > Languages > [language you want to translate]. Then scroll down to the field "Core translation files", and click the "Find files to translate" button. On the next screen, look in the field that shows files in /wire/. Click one file to translate, or click many (shift+click or alt+click), and submit. It will add the files you selected, ready for translation.

Once you've added files to translate, they can be edited directly in ProcessWire's language translation tool. You do this by clicking "edit" on the files that appear in your "Core translation files" field. Another way you can edit translations is to click the "Download CSV" button that appears in the field. It will download all of the translation files to a single CSV file that you can edit in a spreadsheet. This can be a nice time saver if you have a lot of translation work to cover. When you are done, you can upload the CSV back into the field, and it will move your translations to the right locations (in the existing JSON files).

When you are ready to use your translations on another site, or if you want to share your language pack with others, simply click the "Download ZIP" button that appears in the translation files field. That ZIP can then be uploaded to the same field on any other ProcessWire installation.

I also want to mention that that there is a LOT of translatable text in ProcessWire's core, so you may want to start on the parts that you need translated the most, rather than trying to translate everything at first.

Lastly, the way you translate core files is the way you translate your own site's files. The only difference is that your own site's translations are stored in the "Site translation files" rather than the "Core translation files" field.

Also be sure to check out our multi-language support board where you can find more about language packs and translation.

Helpful tip: If you find some text that you want to translate, but aren't sure what file it might be coming from, use the built-in Live Search feature included on each Language page (Setup > Languages > [language]). You'll see this field right above the Site Translation Files field. Enter the text you want to search for, and it'll show you all the files where the translatable text appears. Locate the one you want to translate, click it, translate it, and you are set!

Pro module FAQs

Pro module renewals

All of the Pro modules include a year of support and upgrades, which you can optionally renew after a year has passed. Renewals help fund development of both the Pro modules and the ProcessWire core, in the same way that the original purchase of Pro modules does. However, renewals are completely optional and not expected unless you want to maintain ongoing support and upgrades for the relevant service(s).

Do Pro modules expire?
No. None of the Pro modules ever expires. What expires is the support and upgrades period, which lasts one year from the date that the order was completed. If you want, you can optionally renew this on a yearly basis.

How does renewal work?
Renewal is for those that want to extend the support and upgrades into another year, and there's no obligation or expectation to renew unless you want to. The renewal invoices are completely automated and generated by IP.Board (the software that powers our forums and store). Nobody is personally involved with generating them, they are just a built-in aspect of the store software. If you do want to renew, note that it'll send you an invoice email long before the support/upgrades period actually expires, anywhere from 30 to 90 days. This is just to give you plenty of advance notice, should you want it. If you don't want to renew, simply ignore or delete the invoice email.

I want to renew, but the renewal invoice expired
Just like the renewal invoices are automatically generated, they also automatically expire after awhile. However, this doesn't mean that you can no longer renew, just that the system automatically expired it after a period of time. If you find this to be the case, just send a PM to "ryan" in the forums, or fill out the Contact form and let me know what product you want to renew. I can refresh the expired renewal invoice so that it'll start anew from today. It's simple to do, and we do it all the time.

My support/renewal expired two years ago, can I still renew, or do I have to purchase a new copy?
You can still renew, it doesn't matter how much time has passed. Just contact Ryan (see previous paragraph) and we can refresh it here very easily. Your renewal starts from the date you renew, regardless of how much time has passed.

Pro module edition upgrades

I purchased a Single/Personal edition of a module and I'd like to upgrade to the Developer edition. How do I do that?
If your support/upgrades for the product is active, you can upgrade from one edition to another very easily. Login to the forums/store, and click the "Store" tab at the top. Below the Store tab, you'll see a link for "Manage Purchases". It will show you the products you have purchased. From here you can "Change Package" (click the product if you don't see the the button for it). When you "Change Package" it shows you a list of editions you can upgrade to, and you only pay the difference price. Checkout to complete the edition upgrade. If you run into any questions along the way, just drop me a note and I'm here to help.

If your support/upgrades period for the product is not active, you can renew the support/upgrades period first (see section above), or you can contact me (Ryan) and I'll setup a coupon code for you that subtracts the previous amount from a new order.

I completed an upgrade from one edition to another, but it didn't reset my support/upgrades period.
This is something that we sometimes need to correct manually, so be sure to let us know. In the next section see the question about "access expired when I didn't expect it to".

Other common questions about the store

My support/upgrades access expires (or expired) when I didn't expect it to
If you ever find this to be the case, please let us know. Sometimes IP.Board gets confused, particularly when there are multiple purchases of the same product in a given account. We can correct it easily, but just need you to let us know since IP.Board is automating most of these tasks.

Where can I find my product key?
When you complete an order, the next screen should show your product key. Sometimes if the merchant account processing takes awhile, it may not happen that way. If you have any trouble finding your product key, you can always find it by logging into the forums/store, clicking the "Store" tab, and then clicking the "Manage Purchases" link. From there, click the "Manage" button for the product you want the key for. It should show it to you on the next screen. If you need any assistance or can't find the key, contact me (Ryan) and I can email it to you.

Where can I download the product?
When you complete an order, the next screen should show a link to a downloads thread for the product. If you didn't see it, you can always find it by navigating back into the forums and locating the relevant board under the "VIP Support" heading. Each board has a pinned Downloads thread at the top. If you still can't find it, drop me a message and I can assist or email it to you.

I've pasted in my product key in the module configuration screen, but when I save, it disappears and reports an error.
Occasionally a web server has a firewall that blocks our key validation. If you run into this, contact me (Ryan) and I can send over instructions on how to manually validate the key — it's very simple to do.

Can I have more than one installation for a Single/Personal edition?
The intention with the Single/Personal editions of modules is that they are intended for a single website. However, it's always good practice to have a development and/or staging installation for a website, and we of course encourage you to install the module on those installations as well. We just ask that you don't install Single/Personal editions on other websites. If you want to install a Pro module on any number of websites, you'll want the Developer or Agency edition of the module instead.

A look at the upcoming CKEditor 5

CKEditor (rich text editor) is very important to the ProcessWire project, and I check up on it every week or so to see if there have been new version releases that we should pull in. This week they've updated their site for CKEditor 5, and it looks like they are doing some great things with it. Because we use CKEditor in ProcessWire (CKEditor version 4), we'll be following this new evolution of the software closely.

From what I can tell, CKEditor 5 is a whole new framework and likely completely incompatible with CKEditor 4 (I'm guessing). From the end-user perspective, it looks like they will be adding some nice details, though it appears the bigger differences come from the developer side, where it looks like they will make it a whole lot simpler to work with. It appears they are taking the opportunity to start fresh with a foundation that makes their software much easier to maintain for the developers, and encourages others to build on top of it. I think CKEditor 4 is pretty fantastic so am excited and intrigued to keep in touch with this new version they are working on.

For more about this new version of CKEditor be sure to see the video below, as well as the blog post about it and the online demo.


  • Sam


    • 6 years ago
    • 00

    Wow, CKEditor 5 looks awesome!

  • Paul Carnevale

    Paul Carnevale

    • 6 years ago
    • 10

    I've stuck with CKEditor since 2008... they never fail to impress! The same goes for PW since I've been hooked the past couple months ;).

  • zack


    • 6 years ago
    • 10

    Does link creation have any options? How do you set it to open in new tab? Add nofollow? etc


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