ProcessWire 3.0.58 core updates and more

ProcessWire 3.0.58

The latest core version includes several minor fixes and adjustments, plus inclusion of several pull requests. As the gap grows between the current stable (3.0.42) and dev (3.0.58) we've been looking to migrate dev to stable. As a result, we're trying to avoid making any particularly big changes until we have updated the current stable version. If you have the opportunity to test the current dev branch, please let us know how it works for you. We want to make sure any non-minor issues are ironed out in the next two weeks.

Some of the biggest recent additions have been the new Regular site profile and Uikit admin theme framework. These have been created for inclusion in the core, but won't be finding their way to the core dev branch until Uikit 3 is no longer in beta. As a result, the next stable 3.x version likely won't include either of them, since both the Regular site profile and Uikit admin theme framework will spend a little time on the core dev branch before they merge to master. Both will be present by ProcessWire 3.1 no doubt, if not before. But the nice thing is that you don't have to wait for these two additions either, you can use them now just by downloading them from the appropriate repo and adding them to your ProcessWire 3.x dev branch installation.

Uikit admin theme updates

Work continues on the Uikit admin theme framework, and we're now focusing on the parts that aren't quite as exciting to write about (or make screencasts from), but are still plenty important. Now that pretty much the whole feature set is in place, the focus is on working out the minor details and occasional glitches. This takes time, and that's where much of my time has gone this week. I think we've got another week or two to go until we're ready for the community to take over on this one. But we're getting very close.

While I don't have much exciting to write about in terms of updates relative to last week, there actually have been quite a few enhancements and tweaks. As a result, if you've been using the Uikit admin theme, I'd definitely recommend updating to the latest version (v6) that was pushed to the ProcessWire Uikit admin theme repo earlier today. As always, please let me know of any issues that you run into.

I'm enthusiastic about seeing what direction the design goes in with this module (and hopefully there will be multiple directions). I know I've mentioned it a couple times before, but what you currently see in this module is not intended to be the actual interface in terms of design. We are looking forward to what you–the designers in our community–come up with here, for anyone that is interested. If any of you have already been experimenting, feel free to share. Likewise, if you can think of anything that I can do that would facilitate the theming of this admin theme, please let me know.

Congratulations to ProcessWire Weekly

Last week you may have read that the ProcessWire Weekly released their 150th issue. I am personally very thankful and and feel we are all very lucky to have Teppo Koivula keeping us all up-to-date every week with the ProcessWire Weekly. In my mind, it is the highlight of every week. Huge thanks to Teppo for the incredible quality and consistency of this indispensable publication.

Thanks for reading – I hope that you all have a great weekend.


  • Dene


    • 7 years ago
    • 10

    Just upgraded an installation from dev 3.0.55 to dev 3.0.58 and noticed that having originally set a custom admin login URL access to the updated site admin URL breaks if the existing .htaccess and index.php files are replaced with the new files. Overwriting the new files with the existing backed up originals re-enables access to the admin URL. The upgrade appears to have completed successfully. ;)

  • Brendon Kozlowski

    Brendon Kozlowski

    • 7 years ago
    • 00

    Thank you so much for helping Ryan spread his own news (as well as the community's work) far and wide for 150 weeks now!!

  • Noel


    • 7 years ago
    • 00

    We are trying out PW and are delighted by the simplicity! We probably never had such an aha moment in our developer career before :) now one question, our init.php seems to be includes twice, is this normal?

    We have moved it to includes/init.php – should this make a difference?

    Cheers, Noël


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