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Thanks for your enthusiasm on last week's post about ProcessWire's 2017 roadmap! I was glad to hear many of you are as excited about our plans for this year as I am. There were a few questions on the Javascript $pages API variable we covered, and that got some discussion in the comments. So if you had questions on that, be sure to visit the comments section of that post again.

Let it snow

I've got to keep this post a little short today because the entire family arrived home almost 4 hours early. That's because we've got a snow storm that's supposed to start rolling in here soon, so they've closed the schools and most people are leaving work early too. For most of you reading this, our snow storm would likely be considered just a light dusting, or flurries. I live in Atlanta, where much of winter is still shorts and t-shirt weather… which is to say, snow is a rare and exciting thing here. When it does snow even just a centimeter or two, it shuts down the city. Folks here just aren't used to it, don't know what it's for, don't have shovels to move it, and have no idea how to drive in it. When these strange white flakes start falling from the sky, everyone goes into survival mode. It's great, but it also means work has been interrupted today (and thus this post), and it hasn't even started snowing yet… :)

Core updates

This week we've got a new minor version of ProcessWire on the dev branch. This version includes the following updates:

  • Added pull requests from @gmclelland, @adrianbj, @LostKobrakai and @rolandtoth.

  • Several improvements to the FileCompiler were implemented. These improvements focused on correcting the rare cases where FileCompiler misidentifies something as PHP code that isn't. It does this by performing multiple checks on code blocks, making sure it can't be confused with something else.

  • Proper support for keyboard navigation of admin search results has been added, thanks to two PRs from @gmclelland.

  • Work has started on our pages export/import functions, as introduced in in our 2017 roadmap post last week. Initially we are focusing primarily on the API side, and once we've got that solid, we'll be building an admin UI for it, similar to the current Templates and Fields export/import functions.

  • The page export/import functions are also helping us to define the common interface that will support the Javascript $pages API variable. There's a lot of crossover between exporting a Page for import somewhere else, and converting a page to a Javascript object, because both target JSON. Stay tuned for more as we continue developing this.

Work continuing on ProDrafts

I've also again been putting a lot of time towards ProDrafts this week, continuing work on Workflow support, Repeaters support, public preview URLs, and more. I've been working on this version for several weeks now, and there's quite a lot to it on the code side. Meaning, a lot that needs extensive testing before it's even released as a beta. But I'm hoping to finalize the code and begin the more exhaustive testing next week.

Till next week…

Hope that you all have a great weekend and enjoy reading the ProcessWire Weekly. We'll be back next week with core updates and more. We'll also have special in-depth coverage of tricks and optimizations you can apply to 404s in ProcessWire.


  • Joe Regan

    Joe Regan 1 year ago 50

    Will a page export bring everything? Data, and create the template and fields if not there? Or do we need to make sure those are there first?

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