ProcessWire 3.0.16 continues expanding documentation and more

ProcessWire 3.0.16

Last week I mentioned we'd be continuing the documentation updates into this week and that's exactly what we did. So rather than writing a lot about it here, I'd encourage you to go check it out, as that's where all the writing is this week! And actually, it was quite a lot! But I'll give you a summary here.

All in all, these documentation updates involved 46 files and 5264 additions, so far. That's a lot. It's the first time I think that I've had GitHub tell me that a commit was too large to display.

ProcessWire core classes now in API reference

Last week I tried to get the main API variables covered. This week those were wrapped up, and then work on the most important core classes commenced. If you go look at the ProcessWire 3.x API reference, you'll now see more than 20 of the most used core classes now fully covered. Here's a few examples of what you might find…

You'll find all this, and much more in the latest ProcessWire 3.x documentation updates.

ProcessWireAPI module update expands and improves output

Beyond the documentation updates to the core itself (which are now committed in 3.0.16), a lot of work also went into improving the ProcessWireAPI module which is parsing and outputting all the documentation. Here's just a few of the improvements below.

It can now display more extensive class documentation, like you see here for Module interface. This is all coming from Markdown in PHP comments directly in the core code. This enables us to really improve the documentation not just at the method level, but at the overall class level too. Last week our documentation was primarily limited to class methods.

There's now a "quick jump" select that lets you jump to anywhere in the API reference very easily. There's a lot of material in the API reference, so figured we needed something like this.

Last week a couple people asked about @since phpdoc support, which was in place, but not yet used for output. It's been enabled, and the requested changelog support has been added as well. Since there's no phpdoc @changelog tag (that I could find), we're instead using a #pw-changelog tag. You'll see both @since and #pw-changelog in use for this method, as an example.

There's lots more too, but stop reading and head on over to the 3.x API reference. :) Please let me know if you spot any output issues along the way. Yes, there's still a lot more to cover in terms of core classes, but I think we've got the most used and most important ones pretty well covered now. I'll be continuing to add more and more though, this will be an ongoing process. Please let me know if you spot any major holes, or any additional classes you'd like to see here in the next updates.


  • pwFoo


    • 3 years ago
    • 00
    Build great documentation will help to reach the next level with PW ;)
  • Adrian


    • 3 years ago
    • 00
    A great doc is exactly what this superb project needed !
  • Antti


    • 3 years ago
    • 20
    Amazing work with the documentation Ryan!

    Are you planning to release the ProcessWireAPI module or is it build just for PW documentation?

  • can


    • 3 years ago
    • 10

    Multi-instance is only missing documentation (think that's what I read somewhere) really curious to try out :D
    Think I could use it in at least one project..


  • Miguel


    • 3 years ago
    • 00
    Amazing! Cannot wait for the Selectors new documentation!

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