ProcessWire 2.7 is here!

Today we're proud to announce that ProcessWire 2.7 is officially released! This replaces the previous 2.6.1 as the new master/stable version. After 22 weekly versions on the dev branch, ProcessWire 2.7 is solid and ready. We are already running it here and think that you will love it!

What’s new in ProcessWire 2.7

Like every version of ProcessWire, 2.7 contains a lot of optimizations, bug fixes and tweaks throughout. We won't bore you with the small details here, but here's a look at the the more major new additions and changes in ProcessWire 2.7…

Access control and permissions

Page List and Lister

Page editing and input

API additions and improvements

Multi-language translation tools


And more…

What’s coming next

With ProcessWire 2.7 now released, our most immediate attention will go towards assisting anyone that runs into any issues with the upgrade. Though since the development branch that led towards 2.7 has been in wide usage for quite some time, we expect a smooth upgrade for everyone. We'll also be sending out press releases to sites that cover CMS products, updating our documentation, cheatsheet and roadmap. Here's more things that will be getting focus in the weeks ahead:


One of the reasons ProDrafts is not yet released is because it really needs PW 2.7 to make its full functionality available. With PW 2.7 now released, that means we can move forward with getting ProDrafts released soon.

ProcessWire 3.0

We will also be putting more focus towards ProcessWire 3.0 and this might very well be the next major version of ProcessWire released. If you haven't read much about ProcessWire 3.0 be sure to read our previous posts about it here and here and here.

ProcessWire 2.7.1

ProcessWire 2.7.0 was just released today and we're already at work on 2.7.1, which you'll see on the dev branch next week. So far, this version adds internationalized domain name support to the URL fieldtype, inputfield, and sanitizer. For the URL field, it can be enabled in Setup > Fields > [URL field] > Details. Version 2.7.1 will also be covering any new issues that surface on GitHub issue reports with PW 2.7.

ProcessWire 2.8?

Currently we don't plan on having a ProcessWire 2.8 because we're already so far into ProcessWire 3.0 development, and it's coming along really well. Future blog posts here will likely be covering more about the 3.x branch than the 2.x branch of ProcessWire, and we hope to get more and more of you on the 3.0 development branch in the coming weeks and months.

Please grab ProcessWire 2.7 when you get a chance and let us know how it works for you! Hope that you all have a great weekend and week ahead and remember to visit the ProcessWire Weekly this weekend.



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“We chose ProcessWire because of its excellent architecture, modular extensibility and the internal API. The CMS offers the necessary flexibility and performance for such a complex website like ProcessWire offers options that are only available for larger systems, such as Drupal, and allows a much slimmer development process.” —xport communication GmbH